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There were a few questions on whether or not the Varavon Slidecam Lite had a brake system. Although the video always shows such a robust setup, the Slidecam Lite is a completely new slider product for Varavon targeting lightweight cameras. The more affordable Slidecam Lite is offered as small as 24" for the growing market of people who travel with small lightweight cameras. This new video just posted today, shows a bit more of the features including the brake and how the legs are assembled. This new version is the smallest of several different Sliders from Varavon, and they can be found via eBay (click here).

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8 thoughts on “Varavon Slidecam Lite Video Demo

  1. Relax

    Jason: great! We like to see some footage with wide angle/normal fov. How smooth is the movement? I have a simple igus now, but sometimes it just stick. Maybe the roller bearing is better, than Igus?

    The 24" model weight 1,25kg
    My Igus with carriage is 1300g, so Varavon is the same.


  2. Tony Carretti

    Man! Got home from work today and found a notice on my door that USPS tried to deliver, but I guess they need a signature.

    Now i have to wait until Monday! Bummer. Will post a review/video when I get it using a few different cameras.


  3. Jason

    Going to get mines tomorrow. Even though it was marked shipped, I couldn't see tracking number so I had to ask seller for it.

  4. Dooda

    Just got my shipping notice today but also no tracking (because it's overseas?). The seller is very good at updating and answering all of my questions and I'm aware the first batches were released later because of the new product.

    The slider looks really solid, even for a standard-sized DSLR. Keep in mind that they were using telephoto lenses which will be shaky for most sliders. So I was impressed with how smooth the footage was even with that beastly lens. I'll mainly be using wide and standard lenses with my GH2 on it anyway which will make the footage look smooth for the majority of shots. Can't wait to get mine.

  5. DaveT

    I like this product a lot and I believe Olivia mentioned on at Oliviatech that they're on sale right now. Looks like there is no tension at all though. Some of their sample vids don't look super smooth.

    Like Lloyd, I think I'm going to pick one up as a solution which easily straps to a backpack along side a nice compact tripod then save up for a bigger, heavier solution with a belt and crank.

  6. Jerry

    I´m really excited to get mine! But these guys are sloooooooooooowwwww... I payed for mine on Monday, and still haven´t gotten a tracking number. They e-mailed me yesterday morning telling me that it was going to ship yesterday, and that I was going to get the tracking number, but that didn´t happen. This product better be worth the wait!

  7. Looks solid. This is a good cheaper and lighter alternative for a slider, but I'm saving my money for the new Konova's you showed off with the hand crank. Also, I might wait it out for the motorized Konova slider.

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