Varavon Motorroid Motorized Slider Upgrade + Timeroid

Exciting news as Varavon will be offering a new motorized add-on / upgrade kit for their slider products. Assembly of the new 'Motorroid' kit can be seen in the video (below).

As a variable speed slider the kit looks great to provide very consistent and smooth video tracking shots. If you follow the assembly video you can see how the dial is used to ramp up speed rather than just a simple on/off switch that will cause harsh start/stops. The new Motorroid Motorized Slider Kit will also have limit switches preventing the slider from continuously running as it reaches the end of travel.

Varavon Motorroid Motorized Slider Kit
find-price-button Varavon Slider Motorroid Motorized Upgrade Kit

The best part about the kit is how simple it is to modify for various lengths and the fact that it attaches with basic 1/4-20 connections at each end. If you get what i'm saying, the kit basically looks simple enough to modify to add motorized functionality to any existing slider on the market. More information about the new Varavon Motorroid and Timeroid products will be found at the Varavon website

varavon motorroid motorized slider
find-price-button Varavon Slider Motorroid Motorized Upgrade Kit

The most common question with motorized sliders is 'Can it do Time-Lapse?'. Sure the motorroid lacks any advanced features for slow movements, but that's where the 'Timeroid' product fits in with Varavon's new obsession with motion control products. The system uses a wire to pull itself along either on a rail, wheeled dolly, or even through a cable-cam setup as seen video below.

More Varavon products can be found at

6 thoughts on “Varavon Motorroid Motorized Slider Upgrade + Timeroid

  1. Bartek

    What is the setup for wirecam they use in the last video?
    is it varavon?
    where can you buy one?

  2. Thanks for interested in Varavon

    This is only the motorized kit and we will bring the timelapse separately soon.

    Some people do not need to use the time-lapse and motorized together, and have to pay a high price if with both of the functions. So this is special design and with a proper price.

    Please email [email protected] if you have any questions

  3. Alex

    Am I the only one UNimpressed with any of the timelapses in that video? Its just seems jerky, the entire thing. I might be wrong (wouldn't be the first time) but it seems like this is a good idea but that you wouldn't get the precision that you can get with other more stable systems. What am I missing here?

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