Varavon Mini Armor Cage Rig for DSLR Video

Vimeo member SatoStudios threw up this great little overview of the Varavon Mini Armor Video Cage while in use. It may look unusual, but the weird shape was designed to leave clearance to all basic controls of your typical DSLR camera body. The lightweight frame offers just enough mounting areas to put your common video accessories such as a wireless mic receiver, preamp, microphone, and EVF / LCD Monitor.

The original Varavon Mini Armor video cage was camera specific and works with their camera specific Low Angle View Finders, but there is another Universal Armor Rig to fit other DSLR Camera bodies. You can find both versions of the Varavon Armor Mini Cage via eBay (click here).

Varavon Mini Armor Cage Rig
find-price-button Varavon Armor Mini Cage Rig

And if any of you are Golf fans from the Bay Area, here's the video project that day.

6 thoughts on “Varavon Mini Armor Cage Rig for DSLR Video

  1. scottd800

    Although i now see its L/R not one ear, I would like to know if anybody has ever seen a single ear stereo headphone?

  2. scottd800

    Looks like a suitable solution. I like how he used the QR plate at the bottom to friction arm the monitor on the side... I cant seem to find an adapter that matches the thread pattern of the manfrotto monopod head to do this without a plate.
    Can anybody tell what kind of monitor headphone that was? I've been looking for a good single in-ear monitor forever.

  3. trm

    According to Varavon, this will not fit cameras with a battery grip, or cameras like the 1dx/c. A shame because I was ready to order a few...

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