Varavon Loupe EX Solo – LCD Viewfinder Review

Here's a better look at Varavon's latest Loupe Viewfinder. This one has a 180 degree flip up loupe that will provide you shade from the sun, even when you don't need a magnifier. The lens is glass and has a diopter to adjust for vision imperfections. Solid build with metal mounting brackets that can be positioned to fit a variety of cameras. The bottom thumb knob is all metal with a large base so that you can position a quick release plate underneath without wobbling.

If you choose to use the Loupe EX with a Swivel LCD camera extended (i.e. GH2 / 60D), they also sell a bracket for this to safely support the LCD from over extending.

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The view finder is a solid choice amongst some of the other high end brand names, and is available for Canon, Nikon, and Panasonic GH1/GH2 cameras. Varavon also makes DSLR sliders, Cages, Video rigs, and other viewfinders. I'm extremely fond of their cage. Simple, ergonomical, functional, and lightweight. You can find more of those Varavon products available at B&H (click here).

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And I didn't know it was available, but apparently they have almost all of their products on Amazon too (click here)
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13 thoughts on “Varavon Loupe EX Solo – LCD Viewfinder Review

  1. Francisco M. Litardo

    Hello - This seems like a great product. I am confused however as to whether the Loupw EX Supporter version can also be used as the Loupe EX Solo is used, with the regular base bracket. If I get the Supporter version, will both brackets come with the unit?

    Thanks in advance for providing clarification on this.

  2. McG

    I received my, what I thought would be, Loupe EX with support for the 60D except it was the wrong one. It was the straight design and not the support. The order number and description matched the receipt and box and it cost $20 more than the straight design but I think it was mispacked from Varavon.

    This is my first loupe so I have nothing to compare it to.

    The good: Looks nice, Thin red aluminum piece looks cool with a L lens. Magnification made lcd screen easier to see and focus. I didn't really use it because I was returning it. Just held it up to the screen.

    The bad: The plastic was cracked out of the box from in between the screw holes and beyond at the bottom of the first piece where the bracket attaches. Depending on the angle or slight movement when the loupe is flipped up, it will come down. If you get the one with the support for the 60D you can't use it with the screen in the body, only out on the swivel.

    I was hoping this was going to work. I received it in time to go on vacation but can't use it. I liked the fact with this that you don't have to stick on a frame to the LCD but the cons outweighed the pros.

    Any other suggestions for a loupe in this price range. I was trying to stay away from the cheap ones and get something that would last awhile but didn't want to break the bank.

  3. Rob S.

    @Tim Any chance this can use the Pro Finder baseplate? I really like this pop up design But would rather have the bigger platform when stacking this on a rig.

  4. mike_tee_vee

    Further to Pix's question, how does the GH2's 460k screen hold up at 3x magnification? Does it work well for manual focusing?

  5. Hey Emm. How strong (in your opinion) is that L shaped bracket which attaches the main VF body to the bottom screw of the camera? . It looks like that would be the main stress point on the finder. Is it a strong metal or does it have some "bend"
    Cheers fella. Great site. Let us know when Cheesy TV begins 😉

  6. PixCanFly

    hows the optic quality? I'm thinking buying it for my GH2 but I'm not sure whether the low resolution lcd screen of the GH2 will make much difference for focusing.

  7. Emm

    Post author

    @James - You don't need to take the Varavon view finder off of the camera to see the screen without magnification, but if you want to remove it completely you need to loosen the camera mount. It's very convenient to just flip it up when you don't need it, instead of clicking it on and off and finding a place to set it down. It's also a solid mount so it won't easily get knocked off on to the floor and cause a distraction during a shoot. Build quality is very good and professionals will consider this.

    Shown on Canon 5D Mark II

  8. Tony Carretti


    Do you know if the gh1/gh2 specific model only mounts with the screen flipped out or can it be mounted straight off the back also like you have this one mounted?

    This looks really nice. I looked at B&H but couldn't figure out from the images if both mounting positions were possible. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



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