Using Varavon Sling – Focus Zoom Lever

Varavon sent out a few units of their latest product - the 'Varavon Sling'. The Varavon Sling is a Focus Zoom Lever, and we decided to try them out for one of our shoots. We weren't doing a lot of tracking on this set, and It's not a required piece of gear for everyone, but the guys on set found it useful. It's a similar idea to the DIY Focus Lever using a silicon kitchen jar opener, but the Sling has a firm plastic handle and fairly long adjustable band to fit almost any lens. Beats setting up a rail system, follow focus, and lens gears when trying to knock out something quick. Check out the Varavon Sling via

Varavon SlingVarvon-Sling
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14 thoughts on “Using Varavon Sling – Focus Zoom Lever

  1. @Emm,
    Wow that's great! I used to be in a group called Devotion where we used to perform with them back in the day... Definitely a small circle... I would to see that mini-doc! I always had an idea to film a documentary of asian artists before youtube was around.... If you feel like teaming up with some Socal filmmakers, just hit me up!
    Keep up the good work man.... I'm constantly on your site!

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Eric - They've been apart for a long time now, and they were reunited for one weekend to perform at an event. Angelica flew in that same night and they needed a spot to rehearse for the next morning. At the same time a few in-studio live performances and then we shot a mini-doc about who their back story. I met Irma years ago, and actually helped shoot her wedding. Small circles...

  3. Emm,
    Great seeing you film PINAY! lol... Man, they're OG! What is this project for?
    BTW, great tip on these Focus Zoom levers!

  4. Hi Emm. Thanks for this tip again. Only one question popped up in my mind about these Varavon Slings. Does those have some play on them when u turn let say zoom ring. Zoom rings are often more sticky than focus rings and if this is made of some kind of rubber it might bend or does it?

  5. Matthew

    Reminds me of the pipe clamp + bolt DIY. Those things are now in the bottom of a box along with various other budget experiments.

  6. Emm

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    @Steven - The shooter with the pistol grip didn't have one, but I know what you mean. There's a time and place for it.

  7. Steven

    Seems like it would make you tilt left and right when you go to turn your focus or zoom ring with it (while handheld like the shooter with the Pistol grip was shooting). I would personally like to use my hand directly on the lens rings. Did you find any stability issues when you used it?

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