Upgraded Eyepiece for LCD Viewfinders

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For those who are purchasing any type of aftermarket LCD Viewfinder and want to add the additional cotton, fleece, or microfiber eyepiece, here's the actual product that normally ships with the real LCDVF. I dug mine out of a box (never used it) and turns out this is the exact ones that ship with a new LCDVF. In fact after a couple of comments and referrals, turns out this Eyepiece company pretty much dominates this product line. They are available everywhere and are used by several different companies. Quality is top notch and available in Cotton, Fleece, and Microfiber.

The original one that ships from LCDVF came in Microfiber - Oval Small. Available in a variety of colors (yes even purple), ratings over at B&H are 5 stars, run much cheaper than the Jag35.com eyepiece, and after shipping pretty much cheaper than anywhere else. Soooo cheap in fact, it's practically disposable. I may have to grab a few to replace after they've become sweat soaked, or in case someone with cooties wants to borrow. Check out the Professional Fleece / Microfiber Viewfinders for your LCD Viewfinders.

17 thoughts on “Upgraded Eyepiece for LCD Viewfinders

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  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Sam - Contact the manufacturer and they can tell who they distribute to. LCDVF should have these, not sure if it's cheaper for you from there.

  3. Sam

    he cheese i cant seem to find those eye cushions in the UK ( B&H charges $70 dollars for postage!!! ) any ideas"? do you sell them?


  4. Hi Emm,

    Thanks for finding this little gem, can anybody tell me the difference between the three versions? which ones would be the most comfortable/durable kind?


  5. rob

    anyone know where I can get something like this shipped to NZ without the crazy shipping cost? ($46.25 US to ship)

  6. Serge

    Grrr! Thanks for this and I hope people read this before my other links that I posted before... the zacuto version is the large and does not fit so says Jehu from jag 35, thanks Emm I purchased 6 from b&h just now.

    Two for each knock off lcdvf I purchased.

  7. Rico181

    I usually get them at film tools because they are only $5.45: https://www.filmtools.com/eychamsmal.html

    However the shipping is much more for some reason, so I guess B&H still ends up cheaper. I also see from the size chart that "Oval Large" is the right size for Zacuto Z-Finders. I'm guessing this would be the same size for LCDVFs?

    I can guarantee that Blue Star makes a good product - they are used the world over by almost every professional camera department. They're meant to be a "disposable" so usually you'd buy a bunch for a show and swap them out as they get ruined by sweat, dirt, rain etc...

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