[Upgraded] CAME 6000 2 Axis Gimbal w/ Side Handles

FYi, a few weeks back I did an overview of the CAME 6000 2 Axis Active Stabilized Gimbal. My initial impressions were that the unit worked very well with my Panasonic GH3, but was awkward with only a single top handle. I immediately 'modded' my own side handles to the unit.

came 6000 upgraded side handles
find-price-button UPGRADED CAME 6000 2-Axis Active Gimbal Stabilizer

I guess they thought it was a good enough idea to now offer an upgraded version of this Gimbal with two new side handles. Great to see this company is fairly quick to respond to customer feedback. Unfortunately it does add a bit more to the original price, but unless you already had a set of handles, you'd probably end up spending the extra costs anyhow.

came gimbal rear battery door
find-price-button UPGRADED CAME 6000 2-Axis Active Gimbal Stabilizer

BTW, the rear door of the battery tray can also be removed if you want to add a larger RC battery. You can see the new version added to their website page (here)

Came 6000 DSLR Video GimbalRTR Gimbal Ready to run
find-price-button UPGRADED CAME 6000 Upgraded Version 2 Axis Gimbal Stabilizer

18 thoughts on “[Upgraded] CAME 6000 2 Axis Gimbal w/ Side Handles

  1. What specs are the battery? I have no RC experience and would like to get spare and/or bigger batteries.
    I received the updated CAME 6000 today. Build quality is pretty good, but came w/ ZERO documentation.

  2. Carlo

    Anyone know the dimensions of the handle bar yet? Looking for mounting options for a Nexus 7 if anyone is able to share based on previous CAME experience.

  3. Curtis

    Any chance of seeing some faster motion stuff from this rig? I'm curious how it holds up when running with someone or doing a circle around someone like in a Michael Bay movie -

  4. Derek

    @james @jason I gotta say I really like the 2 axis stabilizer. when i first got it i wasn't too sure, but considering the price it and how easy it is to set up and balance, this is a great value. I think everybody would like a 3 axis ready to run gimbal at this price but its just not possible. maybe in a year or two, but i think they have a 3 axis ready to run version that is about $950 more. It is a great addition to the camera gear I own and I personally like it way better than a steady cam.
    I suggest buying the version with the handles, mine works perfectly fine with the DIY handles, but this version looks flush.

  5. Chris

    Hi there, can anyone point me to some links that would show additional footage shot with the 6000 gimbal. I would really love to see it used in a variety of videos before i pull the trigger on a gimbal. I love the idea that it is pre-assembled! many thanks guys

  6. Johnny

    I too got the came-7000 after an unsuccessful experience with a cheaper product that I yet to get refunded for. Came-7000 took 3 hours to put it together thanks to all the video but since I have no experience with pid settings it took me over 3 days trying to tune it. However Mr. Antos provided his pid profiles and boom. It worked. 🙂 Emm, can't wait for your review. I'll be doin a short review about the build and such next week as well. 🙂

  7. RoKo

    I think this is currently looking like the best bang for buck option. I'd like to know if there is a major difference between 2 and 3 axis stabilisation? I mean what are the real world differences in terms of the shots you can only achieve with a 3 axis system?

  8. Emm

    Post author

    @Jason - I tried to fly the BMPCC on it, it freaked out. Once I added enough weight, it worked fine again. It appears you need to have a certain amount of 'minimum weight' for it to work. I'm working on a video showing this. Outside of that, works great for hand held work.

  9. Derek White

    I wish I waited just 2 more weeks for these. The handles I have now work decent enough, but original handles that fit with the kit look great. Hopefully they offer these handles separately in the future so I can get my hands on them.

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