Unusual Camera Shoulder Stabilizer w/ Compass?

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This new adjustable shoulder camera stabilizer, is a simple design. A pad that wraps over the shoulder combined with a long chest plate supports the weight of your camera. An adjustable / rotatable stage with support handle positions the camera. Simple but effective, especially for super small video cameras.

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Now the unusual feature is what looks like a compass (if i'm correct). If you require a compass to navigate to what you need to shoot, I don't think you should be allowed to handle a camera. Now if it were an electronic touch screen GPS navigator, that might be a different story. I wonder what would happen if you hacked two of these together (one on each shoulder). Fairly new, but you can find the shoulder support stabilizer on eBay (click here)

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find-price-button Video Camera Shoulder Support Stabilizer w/ Compass?

2 thoughts on “Unusual Camera Shoulder Stabilizer w/ Compass?

  1. HD-tography

    Meh pretty typical, people in China LOVE to put compass on EVERYTHING...

    In fact, if it don't come w/compass, people feel cheated, best to put compass & be safe 😀

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