Unboxing Varavon Loupe EX Solo


Sorry guys, i'm in a bit of a rush today but thought i'd share some quick pics of Varavon's sexy new Loupe EX. You can see how there are a variety of adjustments that can be made under the loupe to fit different cameras. When i'm free i'll touch on it more.

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9 thoughts on “Unboxing Varavon Loupe EX Solo

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Markus Arike - I don't know personally, but I would think they would be different because of the size and placement.

  2. Markus Arike

    Do you know if the GH2 and 5D Mk II models are the same? I'd like to buy one Varavon EX Solo and share it between cameras, if possible.

    I'd appreciate an info. I see B&H has the full line of their products. The version for GH2 w/ swivel mount also looks nice. Thanks a ton.

  3. amjad

    looks like a very well engineered piece, I myself have the very cheap 60 buks stuff, would love to move up to this, but reckon cheap Chinese EVF's should be on the way and it might be worth holding out and adding a little bit more dollar and getting the next gen EVF or cheaper version of

  4. Emm

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    @Jonathan - The one here does not have an adjustment to support a battery grip. I don't know if they make an adapter for it.

  5. Harold

    Emm, I see they make a version for the GH2. Could you maybe throw it on your GH2 quick to see if it fits? Also, I wear glasses(do you?)so I'm hoping the diopter is strong enough.


    Harold House

  6. Emm

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    @Cameron Magee - If you opt to get the Zacuto with it's heavy baseplate, this will offer a more robust platform for mounting the camera than the Varavon mount. Outside of that the Varavon build quality is excellent, great optics, diopter for vision. I haven't had time to dive in to using it, just got it in the mail.

  7. VERY excited to see you reviewing this. 😀 It's over $100 less than the Z-Finder. However, I WAS all set to buy the Z-Finder. Money aside, since I have already set the money aside, do you like this BETTER than the Z-Finder, without the price being a factor? 🙂

    thank you, and keep doing what you're doing. Love the site, love your work.


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