Unboxing Photos – New Zoom H6 Portable Digital Audio Recorder

Here's a few images unboxing the new Zoom H6 Portable Digital Audio Recorder. You can see what it comes with, including it's own travel case.

Zoom-H6-Cheesycam-1 Zoom-H6-Cheesycam-2
Nice Packaging..
Zoom-H6-Cheesycam-3 Zoom-H6-Cheesycam-5
A few accessories include X/Y Mic & Mid-Side Mic..
Zoom-H6-Cheesycam-7 Zoom-H6-Cheesycam-8
The back of the box shows optional accessories..
Zoom-H6-Cheesycam-9 Zoom-H6-Cheesycam-10
Zoom-H6-Cheesycam-11 Zoom-H6-Cheesycam-14
Comes with it's own travel case..
Zoom-H6-Cheesycam-17 Zoom-H6-Cheesycam-4

Now it's time to fire her up and see how she performs. With the additional XLR inputs, I will already be satisfied if it sounds exactly the same as the Zoom H4n. Of course if it sounds better, that's just more of a bonus.

[Update] I have my first sample with a Rode Procaster (listen here).

Samson Zoom H6 Portable Audio Modular Mic Shotgun Stereo XY TRS XLR
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19 thoughts on “Unboxing Photos – New Zoom H6 Portable Digital Audio Recorder

  1. Bob

    Emm will cover all those things, I'm sure, but just to answer some right now, in terms of knobs/XLR locking, there is no locking mechanism on either. Size/weight, it's slightly wider than the H4n. In fact, it's almost exactly the size of the H4N while the H4N is in it's plastic case - I know because I have a slot in my pelican for the H4n in it's travel case and the H6 exactly fits in the slot without a case on it. Startup time seems a little faster but didn't time it.

  2. Some things i would like on the review:

    - Quality of the preamps of course.
    - Quality of the knobs, how well do they stay in place, if there it a "lock" option or something similar.
    - Size/weight comparison with the H4n when not using any of the mic attachments.
    - Start up time compared to the H4n.


  3. Bob

    I got mine today, seems good. Boots fast with the included card, but the H4n boots fast with that card too.

    I never had too much problem with the noise floor on the h4n - proper mic placement and level settings go a long way. I was always happy with the h4n generally.

  4. From other reviews i've read/heard, the pre-amps are much better. Way lower noise floor, which is great because the H4n probably had the highest noise floor of any handheld recorder.

  5. Max

    Hi M,
    Aside from the quality of of the preamps, what I really need to know about H6 are :
    - How bad those adjustment knobs are in staying in place. Any locking ... ?
    - Are there any XLR lockings on the ports ?
    - How long the batteries would last in a real world " working " conditions ?

    Thanks for doing this.

  6. REALLY interested to know how would this work with multiple lav mics ? would I get separate files for each one ?

  7. mike_tee_vee

    I'll only buy if it has a less noisy pre-amp, and quicker start times. Otherwise, I feel like it is geared more for musicians.

  8. scottd800

    Start-up time has to be less. The H4n takes waaaay too long to load. I cant imagine the H6 could take any longer, if it does, i dont think i will want to keep it.

  9. Tyrone

    Nice..are you going to be doing a video review on this would love to know how this sounds with a NTG-2 b/c the h4n hasn't been to pleasant to work with and wanted to see if its worth upgrading, there really is only one review right now but it doesn't show much.

  10. She better sound better. The H4 is several years old technology and in some cases, not the best sounding.

    I'd certainly be curious about using it as a shotgun mic and also recording a couple wireless lavs, or wired condenser HH mics on an exhibit floor. Doesn't look like the shotgun mic is included in the basic kit, nor has a place to go in the travel case if you buy it later. :\

    Also curious if it can record one set of tracks at one level and also record that same mic on another channel at a lower level to protect for clipping.

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