TrusMT DSLR Gear Crosses Over

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I've been pointed out to this TrusMT company for quite some time. I didn't bother attempting to decipher the language on the main website and just believed they were just retailers for Letus equipment. Turns out I was wrong, and they are stamping TrusMT brand logos over what 'looks like' a Letus Aluminum Hawk VF, and DSLR cage, and Shoulder Rigs. I don't think it's up to the same standards or build quality. I stand corrected as it's not a retailer selling the Letus Brand, and for the first time they've shown up on eBay with a low sticker price into the DSLR market. My guess is they won't be online for long because of the design resemblance, but we'll have to keep an eye out to see where this goes. They've actually been selling around the UK for some time under that brand, but maybe not this 'other' line of mocks. Can't go wrong with the Letus stuff, which can all be found here:

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30 thoughts on “TrusMT DSLR Gear Crosses Over

  1. Jay

    Hi guys, just ran into this post because I was doing research of the Trusmt products, I had a look at their website(I can speak Chinese luckily), it is clearly written on the website that Trusmt is the official Develop&Research, Manufacture of Letus for the past decade, and only since 2010 it launched its products to the global market, I think they are trust worthy...

  2. Steve

    It is so obvious that TrusMT is the supplier for Letus. Why would Letus have this made in the USA? They would make no money. I have heard that just recently TrusMT has come out to now sell to the public on their own. Better for them since they are they maker of this product so they can now sell this directly to the consumer for a lot less money. If you look at the cage from TrusMT it is actually a lot better than the one you would get from Letus sine it has the HDMI support bracket which is very useful. I am definitely getting the cage from TrusMT knowing I will save a lot of money and basically buying the same product as Letus. The Customer service is way better at TrusMT as well. I never hear back from Letus 🙁

  3. Ray

    In my opinion, Trust MT would appear to be the Chinese OEM supplier for Letus. I ordered the Trust MT Hawk viewfinder and the spare rubber eyepiece says "Letus Oregon." Some photos used on the Letus site are IDENTICAL shots to the ones from Trust MT's. Further, Letus has dropped their cage prices and included a free magic arm, which basically makes their pricing identical to Trust MT's ebay BIN pricing. If they manufacture their own stuff, why one Earth would they drop prices from $699 for a cage to $489 (including a "free" $100 magic arm) if they weren't trying to compete with the identical Trust MT unit (minus magic arm) for $390.

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  5. AV

    has anyone checked out the Arri MFF-1 Follow Focus Kit looks like Letus may have taken there design from I wouldn't be to quick to point the finger at TrusMt I personally welcome anything that will ease consumer pockets...most of these companies have been raking in the dough at the expense of us and the cheap labor over seas, at least now both the consumer and the workers overseas can benefit. I mean can you imagine the profits most of these companies must have been pulling in!

  6. Dave

    Sounds interesting and this whole thing is a mistery. Given that Letus have come out and said they have no affilation with Trusmt and that Trusmt are making counterfeits and breaking patents, I sure would like you to link to those records. I have now googled for a while and did not manage to found anything.

  7. Check import records. Letus imports from Trustmt. Letus does not make what they sell. I directly contacted them and they told me that the cage they make is made in the USA. It is a lie. Just google Letus Corporation and Trustmt you will see copies of the import records which are public record. As a manufacturer I don't like misrepresentation.

  8. Bruce

    @Patrick so you bought one from the ebay seller and how do you rate the follow focus form a 1 - 5 .....5 being sweet ....1 be a peace of @#$%

  9. Patrick

    Thanks, I looked at it. This Letus FF is a completely different design (within the margins of a follow focus, of course) compared to what I received. Literally; the railmount, the riser/the adjustment mechanism... everything besides the knob and 3d marking disk, which seem to be the same everywhere anyways, is different.

  10. Jason

    For those wanting to know if the "Hawk VF" rip off is for t2i/60D aka the 3:2 version. It's not

    I've contacted them several times and have got conflicting information. I know just got a confirmation they're all 4:3

  11. james

    @Kenswift I haven't bought it yet. I want too, but its a possible $200 of wasted money. So i'm going to sit tight for now.

  12. james

    I want to buy the VF badly! Its just what I need for my 60D, and the price is right. Should I risk it? With so little feedback I'm having trouble deciding if these guys are scammers.

  13. Patrick

    Emm, but Letus don´t sell a Follow Focus, do they? So if it´s a copy, any idea of which product?

  14. Emm

    Post author

    @Patrick - You'll have no problems with the Letus stuff, some of the most solid gear i've ever used.

  15. Patrick


    I´ve ordered one FF from them recently and although it is very well made, there were two issues that they´re going to adress in future production. Their customer support is very good (and English speaking) and it seems to be going to work out just fine.
    ONe was the marking disc, that isn´t being held tightly enough so it could turn easily and by accident and the other thing (which they are working on now) is the way too hard to turn focus wheel. They are testing a new grease now and will send me a new gearbox then.

    Besides that it is very well built and smart.

    I have a thread on that on DVXUSER:


  16. researcher

    im believe is a scam cuz i checked out at google map and the china map company, around the area it doesn't have the comapny on chinese or google map. here is the address of the company

    1 Yushan Road, Suzhou, Jiangsu

    chessycam plz don't take this offensively. u can correct me if im wrong! and i have done more research at selling websites there are only 3 buyers and 1 command so far. i search for the domain it was regis. last year dec. one of the research said the company were there for since 2002.

  17. Emm

    Post author

    @Steven - Nah, I have real Letus stuff. Apparently these guys are infringing on the designs and patents.

  18. I just tweeted this to LetusDIrect today and they responded with

    "@justbasl They are a counterfeit manufacturer infringing international patents."

  19. Billt

    Comparing the Photo of the Letus follow focus on their website to the Trustmt photo on ebay, They look different. The main difference is the lack of the articulated arm on the Trustmt version. With that being said the Trustmt view finder is spot on.

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