Trusmt D140 Matte Box Video Review

A few months ago, Vimeo member HDSLR NOW showed a video review on the Trusmt D100 matte box (seen here), and this time Joel is showing features of the new Trusmt D140.

Trusmt D140Trusmt D140 Matte Box

It's a larger sized Matte Box but provides many more features over the D100 that some people might require. There's not much more I need to say as the video is pretty detailed in all the specs. [Thanks Joel] Trusmt video gear can be found on it's eBay store (click here).

Trusmt Video Matte Box D140TrusMT-MatteTrusMT Follow FocusTrusMT-HandleBars
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9 thoughts on “Trusmt D140 Matte Box Video Review

  1. Kevin for the Gini Extreme 17 Rig, I'd need an adapter or some sort because this is for 15mm rods and the Gini uses 20mm rod?

  2. Oliver

    I bought it with a cage for $199 plus $100 shipping to Australia (ouch), as I already have a shoulder rig from gini, from payment to door took 6 business days so fairly quick, Hard stop would be nice, but I have tried an rj before and to me the gini is a far superior product and much better value if you get it bundled with a rig or cage,


    p.s sorry about the thread crap

  3. Just wondering – how would the Konova swing-away matte box hold up against this? I'm on a bit of a tight budget, but I would like to know what would be sacrificed. Build quality is obviously important as I'd like it to last.

  4. Tony

    Thanks, Oliver. I really wanting a FF with A/B hard stops after a few shoots where at the time I thought,"man, hard stops would be a time saver right now." By the way, did you just order the iFocus or get it with a rig? How long did it take from payment-to-door? Thanks again.

  5. B V

    as for matteboxes... personally rubber lens hood and matthews french flag is better... JMHO

  6. Oliver

    I just got the gini ff today and he seems to have changed the design slightly, the gearbox now has a drive shaft that extends out both sides, meaning that you can take off the drive gear and re position it if you so wanted, The backlash out of the box is non existent, but after a little use it seems to have settled at less then 0.5mm by my measure.

    Hope it helps


  7. Tony

    Holly crap, I forgot about their new FF. Emm/Fellas who have the new gini iFocus, is there any backlash and would u say its about the same as Trusmt's claims of less than 0.5mm? A/B Hard stops is something I have been wanting in a FF.

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