Tripad Mobile Desk Workspace

NAB2012 is just around the corner, and we're planning on doing some onsite video editing. It gets a bit crowded during the conference so i've been shopping for some type of mobile table and chair for our editor. Portable chairs are fairly easy to come by, but finding the right mobile desk is still the challenge. So far, of the ones i've seen, i'm leaning towards the Tripad. Extending parts of the Tripad allow for a mouse and cup holder. Albeit a bit expensive at almost $90 dollars, it mounts easily to a roller bag or tripod, both of which we always have during event coverage.

Tripad Mobile WorkspaceTripad Tripod Desk Mobile Workspacetripad-roller bag-desk
find-price-button Tripad TR-549 Tripod Mountable Portable Workspace

9 thoughts on “Tripad Mobile Desk Workspace

  1. Joe Rodriguez

    Not to take away anything from the US, but I can't wait until there is a chinese ripoff of this product. $99?? I mean come on!

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