Trapezoid – The New D-Fuse Pop Up Softbox Version

One of the accessories that I still pack in my lighting kits today is the D-Fuse Pop Up Softbox. It's a quick and simple way to add diffusion to just about any LED light panel. And recently they've released a new version called the Trapezoid that offers some nice upgraded features.

One obvious feature with the new D-Fuse is that the softbox is now designed as a round circle, which is important to some that want a round specular reflection when shooting products, or when used as a catch light in a subject's eyes.

The next important upgrade is a locking sleeve that slides over the quick connect magnets. This prevents the rods (frame of the D-Fuse) to accidentally separate.

Another small design difference is how the D-Fuse Trapezoid tapers outward essentially increasing the overall size of your light source with further helps to diffuse and soften your light.

The D-Fuse Pop Up Softboxes have been around for some time, and I still see it in use with many small production teams. There are no loose parts, very little assembly, incredibly lightweight, and tiny to pack up. If you're working with LED light panels, it's certainly something I recommend adding to your kit.

And if you're interested, you can receive 10% off using code "cheesycam" when purchasing through my affiliate link: ( Click Here for D-Fuse Trapezoid ).

D-Fuse Softbox D-Fuse Trapezoid (New Version) Pop Up Softbox

6 thoughts on “Trapezoid – The New D-Fuse Pop Up Softbox Version

  1. I bought one of these based off of this review. It's a clever design and fits snugly on my Astra 6x 1x1 light. I only wish that the diffusion was heavier. The astra basically just punches right through the diffusion leaving me with a bright 1x1 square inside a circular diffusion. I will have to rig up some kind of heavier diff like a full grid or bleached muslin to achieve that glowing circle of light I was looking to get from this. But at $40 this is a bargain! Not complaining at all.

  2. Post author

    @Bob - They have a smaller version D-Fuse that fits perfectly on the smaller Aputure Amarans, but if you want the trapezoid version, it could still be made to hold in place as it comes with 4 straps.

  3. Jiri


    theoretically, do you think this "trapezoid" could be used for Aputure LS 1/2 as well? Thanks.

    Have a great day!

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