TIP: Fit a Benro Video Monopod in Carry On Sized Luggage

I'm packing up for a short trip this week and planning to shoot video with a couple of small GH3 cameras, so I thought I would just share this little tip. I'm a fan of video monopods with folding feet, but this week I want to pack light and the $300 dollar Manfrotto 561BHDV is just too big to fit in a standard carry on size case.

This Benro version I have uses a twist lock type Carbon Fiber Monopod which is very easy to disassemble into two pieces. The entire video monopod is super lightweight and is perfect for the small setup i'm going to be using. These types of monopods are highly recommended for anyone shooting with small video cameras. The Benro Video Monopods are sold through various retailers, but over on eBay you can find them for under $135 dollars (with fluid head).

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find-price-button Benro Video Monopod with Tripod-Folding Feet

15 thoughts on “TIP: Fit a Benro Video Monopod in Carry On Sized Luggage

  1. Emm

    Post author

    @Dale - The Monopod is strong, but there are three different heads that are offered. The middle sized head (or larger) would be better for heavier cameras.

  2. How does this monopod work with a Canon 5D Mark lll? I am looking for one with the fold out legs. Someone commented what is the point of the feet if you cannot leave the monopod unattended. The reason is you will get a steadier scene than one without legs. The fold out feet are designed to help steady the monopod while you are shooting and is is not meant to be unattended like a normal tripod. Any amount of wind or if someone bumps the monopod, it will tip over with a top heavy camera.

  3. Emm

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    @apostolos - You would just have to try one with and one without to realize the difference. The feet really aid in keep the camera steady when doing long static shots. I suggest trying to do a 5 minute static shot with a basic monopod and then try the same with one that has feet. You'll immediately see the difference.

  4. Brian

    @Paul the S2 head does not accept a Manfrotto 501. Only the S4 model. But both models have an independent pan lock so you can pan the head by itself instead of having to pan the entire monopod like the Manfrotto version.

  5. I have a question for you Emm or any of the guys here, who have used a monopod. I've never used one of these monopods with the three "feet" on the bottom. Can you actually balance a light camera like a gh2/gh3 on it hands-free and use it as a quickie "desperation tripod" of sorts?

  6. AustrianGeek


    Yes. The S2 head has a ways smaller plate. But for camera only action on the benro monopod it´s for sure quite useful for "quick and dirty" shots (because it´s more kind of a stiff dampened 2 way head than a "real" fluid head.) So it´s for sure also "easier" handable than a real fluid head.

    Oh. And don´t expect wonders from the monopod solutions. Also not from the Benro (altough they seem to be the best solution price / function wise). And don´t forget that the S4 has a counter balance system which is NOT adjustable (I don´t know if that´s "useful" on a monopod). The S2 head don´t has a counter balance at all. (Altough: Don´t expect too much quality of the S2 head at all - Maybe get a Manfrotto 128RC instead and put it onto such a benro monopod - For sure REALLY nice for smaller camera systems.)

    Lg, Tscheckoff

  7. Al Dolega

    Paul- I've read somewhere that the S2 uses a different, smaller plate. You would need to jump up to the S4 or a 701HDV to use the 501/577 plate.

  8. Paul

    I'm hoping that the S2 head as used in the video example takes a 501PL Manfrotto standard quick release plate; I've seen confirmation that the Benro S4 head does, but not the S2.

  9. Robert

    Hi Emm, why don't you unscrew the base? I saw that it's alse sold separately.

    I'm about to buy a video monopod, is Benro the best from the three (Manfrotto, Benro, Sirui)?

    Did you test the flip lock version of the Benro? Someone said that the flip locks aren't very firm. Better take the twist lock version? Thanks!

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