Tilta BMPCC Cage Rig for BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Cameras

Tilta Matte Box Rig Cage BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Follow Focus
Tilta BMPCC Cage Shown with optional Tilta accessories

Now more options to rig up your BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Cameras. The new Tilta BMPCC Cage which was announced earlier this year is available. If you're lucky you can find the cage only for around $250 US, or the complete kit which includes the Top Handle + 15mm Rail Clamp which may run you a bit over $400 US (found here).

find-price-button Tilta BMPCC Cage Top Handle 15mm Rail Clamp

The Pocket Cinema Camera now offers amazing RAW image capture, but I do think to get the most out of it, you'll need to add-on a battery pack, and a good EVF (LCD) at the least. If you're trying to capture audio to the camera, that's an entirely different story, but this all boils down to using some type of rig to mount these items. The Tilta BMPCC Cage is just one other option to offer dozens of mounting points for your accessories including two cold shoes at the front of the Top Handle.

find-price-button Tilta BMPCC Cage Top Handle 15mm Rail Clamp

8 thoughts on “Tilta BMPCC Cage Rig for BlackMagic Pocket Cinema Cameras

  1. John

    Slightly off topic, but is there a similar cage for the Sony a7/a7r? I see so many different gear/cages for the BMC/BMPCC and it seems like all of the bases have been covered.
    Hopefully manufacturers can make something similar for the a7 (and the Sony Nex cameras). A7's Full frame and APS-C switching would be great for run and gun.

  2. kuban

    appreciate the feedback, would love to see you all rigged up with this good looking piece of gear,
    As both of you say, it's a camera that needs a certain setup to be optimal, the image above, you probably need an external audio recorder, EVF, and perhaps the atomos ninja 2, which way would you go on the EVF and Audio setup? can the atomos ninja be setup to record raw, or would that be a step too far for Atomos? the battery in the image what is the best deal on that out there, and does it require a monster charger to go along with it?

    apologies for the many questions, but as your far more informed, I'd love to know
    all the best

  3. I'd been waiting for this rig. Like it better than the others out there. I ordered the second it popped up on ebay. I'll post a review when it comes in.

    Kuban, as far as the camera goes, the footage you're seeing online looks bad for a couple reasons. If you're shooting outdoors you must have a external monitor. It's hard to nail focus otherwise. I'm using a DP4.

    The biggest thing to overcome for most people though is the post process. Unlike dslrs the grading of footage from this camera is part of shooting. The bad colors you are seeing is a result of people posting footage without grading it.

    For $1k this camera offers better images than anything. That's only a start - you need to spend another $1k kitting it out with proper sd cards, montitor, batteries...

  4. Emm

    Post author

    Well the camera shoots pretty flat and without any in-camera sharpening. It's up to the person editing the footage to sharpen in post. The lack of sharpness may also be contributed to the shutter angle, the 180 setting has more motion blur than the BMCC (IMHO).

    For what it does I think it's a great camera for the price. Once you have it setup correctly it's a fun camera to shoot with. Here's a good example of a video shot with RAW from the bmpcc.

    First Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera - Cinema DNG raw Footage from Marco Schott on Vimeo.

  5. kuban

    good looking rig, very nice stuff.
    what is your honest opinion on the cam though, seems it's no low light king, and most of what I have seen on vimeo seems slightly soft and a bit of moire//aliasing shows through

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