Tilta Armorman Gimbal Support Vest

Supporting the weight of a gimbal has been done by in a variety of ways, but the latest trend is being coined as exoskeletons. There are a few already available, but Tilta - known for making exceptional camera rigs, has an exoskeleton Gimbal Support Vest called the Armorman. Two mechanical ISO Arms (similar to steadicams) are attached to the arms of the operator to carry heavy gimbal setups.

tilta armor man

One unusual feature is a V-Lock battery plate attached to the rear of the vest. Possibly to run power to your camera setup while relocating that battery weight off the stabilizer.

tilta armorman gimbal vest

Asking price is about $2300+ US dollars. The vest has been shown around the web for some time, but this is the first time i've seen it available on eBay (click here).

tilta gimbal vest armor man stabilizer
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8 thoughts on “Tilta Armorman Gimbal Support Vest

  1. Fionn

    Goodness, another game-changer.
    Seems like this is the camera and grip renaissance.

    Looking forward to trying something like this.
    Hopefully its the start of another engineering craze, and we get to try a few different types.

    The distribution of the weight, and how thats balanced on the operators body will be as important as the lifting capability of the springs.
    Ideally no sore backs will happen to save the arms.

    And when it comes to camera and grip engineering crazes,
    Have you seen the plexidrone. A camera carrying drone that has a followme mode. It locks to your phone GPS. Gobsmacking.

    I love this blog.

    And lamp.

  2. tim morris

    Interesting. I have been following the action runner and its set to be released in april....probably at NAB.......the cost was like 5000.00 when I called . The tilta will bring about some good competition and I am probably going to go with tilta.

    check out the runner...there practically the same. httpss://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cUjR40xWDmI

  3. Rob S.

    This rig is starting to look like Matt Damon's Elysium exoskeleton. Could probably double as a prop. I definitely like the v-mount battery plate.

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