Tekkeon Macbook MagSafe External Battery Power Cable

Most of the editors I know work off the MacBook pro laptops, so I thought some people might find this information useful. Apple has patented and has been very protective about their MagSafe connector and has even sued a company for using it with an external battery back. Even though the company was purchasing the cables directly from Apple and then modifying it. Instead the company now offers a 'magic box' that splices into your existing MagSafe cable to work with their HyperJuice batteries (found here).

We recently took a trip out to NAB2012 and wanted to make sure we had enough mobile juice for our editor, and found that there was a cable available to work with our Tekkeon MP3450i battery packs that we have so many of. With all the Tekkeon batteries we have, this cable has been working perfectly and would provide us with many, many, many hours of run time for our MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, and of course USB power to all of our iPhones, iPads, and other camera accessories. I'm not sure if Apple is going to try and step in again and shut the operation down, but Tekkeon uses a 'recycled' modified cable to connect with select Tekkeon batteries. Hope some of you find this tip useful if you're looking to get some additional run time on your MagSafe powered MacBook Laptops.

The MagSafe cable can be found on the Tekkeon website (click here), and the Tekkeon batteries we are using are available via B&H (click here).

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9 thoughts on “Tekkeon Macbook MagSafe External Battery Power Cable

  1. chris

    AGREED, where can we find these cables now!??!!? this looks like a great product! I just want to find a way to charge my 2012 macbook pro off an external battery! please help!

  2. Emm

    Post author

    @Polish Dan - Damn you got lucky. Others were asking about this cable, and I couldn't give them a lead. Hopefully they can repost.

  3. Polish Dan

    @Emm I ordered it yesterday the 27th on the tekkeon website link you put posted, hmm seems to be gone now.. interesting, I did get an email that it shipped, and thanks, will try both!

  4. Emm

    Post author

    @Polish Dan - You were able to get one of these cables? I thought they had discontinued the item. I believe the computer switches from normally battery run 16V, and then goes into 'charging mode' when it sees 19V. If you set your battery to either it will power the laptop.

  5. Polish Dan

    Hey Emm, I just ordered this cable, what voltage setting did you have it on for your macbook air? I have a macbook pro (2009) I want to use this for

  6. Emm

    Post author

    @Nemo Scrilla - I believe it's all the same. We have used it on three different Macbook Pros new and old.

  7. Nemo Scrilla

    Hello. Do you know if this cable work on the newer "unibody" macs with the smaller power connecter (the one with the single led light on top)? Went to the site and it looks as if it's the older style larger mag adapter. (Great info on your site BTW - used it as the basis of many purchases)

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