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[Update on this Article - Buyers Must Read]

Thanks to Serge for posting up this comparison between what is being advertised as the 'Z96 Upgrade' a.k.a W96. This little verified 'clone' fails to meet the standards of the real F&V Z96 LED light, and tries to ride the coat tails. In fact, there's a few of these popping up lately, so if it's not official F&V, then it's a no-go. He's got a bit of a write up about this W96 over at his blog found here. Looks like we can all scratch that one off of the options list... [Thanks Serge].

[Update] Seller wants a 'Make Good'. Check the comments from [email protected]. If you purchased one of these lights and are unsatisfied, holler back. Honestly, I suggest you do this through eBay Messaging from the person you bought this from. Looks like you could get a different version or a revised version of the light with hopefully less flaws. Looks like the blog has got some pull, hopefully it works out for those who already purchased one of these. Heck the worst case scenario is you end up with two of these lights...

Here's the latest update, and I would encourage you to do so. Regardless of who you purchased the light from, I suggest just giving FULL NEGATIVE feedback on this item unless they refund you. The seller should be responsible for also paying for return shipping. If they refuse, you should give Negative feedback on the item (without shipping the item back). Let them know that the light they are selling is not a Z96 upgrade and was falsely advertised as so. One recent comment mentioned that they were refunded fully without shipping the item back. (comments are frequently updated - check comments)



Thanks to a tip from Dave here's something of interest. Still all new to me, but apparently it's advertising as an 'upgrade' to the uber popular Z96 LED Video light. There has been rumor for sometime that there was an upgrade due to a few minor bugs. Mainly flickering at low battery levels and a poor ball head mount. Sure the original Z96 had F&V pasted on it, but was that just brand stamping on a no name LED light? In any case, here's an introduction to the 'W96' LED video light. [Thanks Dave]

BTW, here's a fun bit showing use of the Z96 among other LED lights. http://cheesycam.com/cheap-500-led-1000-led-and-z96-lights-in-use/

Almost dead on specs from weight to power draw and power output. Now coming in black (instead of grey) the W96 has basically the same form factor, magnetic snap on filters, uses similar battery types, and of course stackable. The big questions are, is this a real upgrade? If not, how does it match up to the real thing? One advantage that it does have is much lower pricing (right now). Then again, that's exactly where the original Z96 price started too before inflation. Check it out following the link (click here).

find-price-button Z96 Upgrade Dimmable LED Video Light W96

[Update on this Particular LED Video Light]