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These are two popular camera cases right now if you're working with larger Cinema Cameras, Camcorders, or Camera Rigs as they both have a wide top opening to drop that big gear into. If you're looking for a bag around these sizes (for airline carry-on), one benefit to the Tenba Cineluxe (seen at the bottom) is that it's a Roller. A lot easier to tote around.

think tank workhorse video bag tenba cineluxe video bag


I shoot with (3) BlackMagic Design Ursa Mini 4.6K cameras, and that comes with a few challenges. When traveling I do like to have all my gear in one case, but it's not always ideal when our shooters have to split up. A single case to hold 3 camera setups also gets heavy real quick.

When we run into these situations we need to pack each of the camera rigs into separate bags. Because of the size of the Ursa Mini 4.6K cameras we typically have to break them down to fit into most bags or backpacks - which really slows you down during production. So over the last few weeks i've been searching for various bags that can accept a fully 'rigged' camera.

After searching through a few possible large bag choices from companies like Porta Brace and Think Tank, I happened upon the Tenba Cineluxe 21 and asked B&H to send me one of these bags for me to test out. What is most intriguing about the Tenba Cineluxe 21 that this bag can operate as a Shoulder Bag or a Backpack, and when worn as a backpack your hands are free to carry extra items such as your Tripod and Lighting gear.

It's an excellent fit for the height, width, and length required by Cinema or Professional Camcorder style cameras like the Ursa Mini Pro 4.6K or even Sony FS7 without breaking them down and has decent space for your accessories. Once your camera is placed inside, there is a strap to lock it down. The exterior dimensions fits Carry-On requirements when you need to fly with your gear.

When compared to the options from the other top camera bag brands, it also happens to be more affordable as well. I think Tenba has a winner here in the Cineluxe 21.

tenba 21 cineluxetenba backpack 21tenba cineluxe 21 bagtenba hybrid bag
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