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Ok, I don't know how I missed this, but it's here. There was talk that about this mytholigical unit said to harness the power to control savage Speedlites. For Canon they call it the ST-E2, for Yongnuo they call it....well...the ST-E2. Yeah go figure. Do a search on ST-E2 on this blog and you'll find it's something I use all the time. The fact that this new Yongnuo ST-E2 Speedlite Trigger unit is only half the price and said to provide the same (if not better) performance is very very cool. There was a review I read online somewhere about these units and it was pretty mind blowing. If I find it again, i'll update this post.


If you're looking to firing your Canon flashes off camera, maintain communications, and support High Speed Sync this is what strobists all over Flickr are or will be talking about. If you ever plan on going Radio Popper PX wireless, this would be the base for it. One of the best features is simply just the AA batteries for power source. The Canon ST-E2 uses some specialty battery I can only find in the Adult Video and Toy store around my area. Just kidding, I just frequent there so it's a convenient stop on the way home. Just kidding again!!! (Am I?).Ok, maybe some of the readers don't really care what i'm talking about, but for geeks like me this is a huge deal for a fine piece of infrared, TTL transmitting, group power ratio managing, high speed sync gear. Whew...I need a smoke..just kidding I don't smoke. But if I did smoke, I think I would need one...

P.S. Does it work with Yongnuo Flashes? Me no think so, but i'm trying to figure that out for sure. My guess is Yongnuo has a new flash in the Pipeline that's going to be made for this, which should also mix and match and hopefully play nicely with other Canon Speedlites. That's going to be some serious..serious competition for Canon Gear. Here's the link: Yongnuo ST-E2 Infrared Trigger for Canon Speedlites