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[Update] Item is gone....already sold.

One single unit shows up on eBay auctions. This little (possibly discontinued) video stabilizing Gizmo is called the Hollywood Lite VS1. My guess is the Stabilizer was out too early before tiny DSLR's started changing the video market. It functions similar to other common stabilizers with a center Gimbal handle, top stage, and lower counter weight sled. YouTube member Chung123video does a good job demonstrating the balance techniques, but no real footage to look at. From the movements though, I can tell you it's going to be pretty smooth.

How much weight does it hold? Not sure, doesn't look like much but claims it can support cameras up to 4lbs. If that's true, it should hold up better than a Hague and support cameras around the size of the Panasonic GH1 or GH2 with ease. The Hollywood Lite unit itself weighs only 2.5lbs perfect for packing up and traveling. It should definitely suffice for point and shoot video shooters and iPhone video junkies. If you can find it elsewhere, it's a pretty penny. This single on eBay is looking to accept some offers or has a Buy It Now price (I don't think it's worth the Buy It Now price). Link to Hollywood Lite Stabilizer: Hollywood Lite VS1 Video Camera Stabilizer

Click Image for Hollywood Lite VS1 Auction