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Here's another set of video clips uploaded in 4K resolution. Still the same setup with the cheap ND filter, but this time I changed the Shadow/Highlight curve to Shadows +2 and Highlights -5. In this setting I was able to retain more information in the sky and capture some clouds while grabbing much of the information in the shaded areas.

Sorry if the 'stylistic' colors don't appeal to you, I threw a generic color grade over everything. Besides having to carry an ND Filter, I never felt like I was missing something or even felt like I needed an additional lens. With the F/1.7 lens I was able to capture footage at night or indoors, but can only imagine how much more I can do if I carried a small LED light. The zoom is decent for a pocketable camera, but if your final video output is 1080p, you can always crop a bit further into the 4K video.

As small as it is, a fully charged battery will run you several hours. A 64GB SDXC card can capture about 1.5 hours of 4K Video. The image stabilization worked very well hand held, but of course will be more stable if you had some type of pistol grip or small monopod. It's extremely discreet so nobody really cared what I was doing. I have only used the camera for a few days, but of all the compact cameras I have used, this is by far the best 'travel compact camera' for both photos and videos I have ever used.

I'm definitely going to sell all of my Sony RX100 cameras (I have three). There's just no way I could go back to the RX100 after using this camera. The photos may not be as good as what comes from my Fuji X100s, but it's good enough that I am considering selling that off as well. I highly recommend this camera for anyone looking to get a sweet all-in-one travel compact system.

find-price-button Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100 - via Adorama

find-price-button Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100 - via B&HPhoto

find-price-button Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX100 - via Amazon


Here's a little review on another new and affordable Stabilizer Vest System for lightweight camera setups to medium sized cameras. This is the Came / Laing X-15 Vest+Arm matched up with the Laing P-04 Hand Held Stabilizer.

The Laing products have been around for quite some time, and I hear about RED Camera operators using the larger Laing stabilizers as an affordable option for flying heavy camera systems. The kit I have here is pretty heavy duty, each part feels very solid, and the entire bundle comes with a nice padded carrying bag.

Laing-Came-Carry-Bag Laing-Vest-Arm-Kit-X-15-P04

The Laing P-04 Stabilizer handle matches up perfectly with the small post on the X-15 ISO Arm. If you're thinking about trying to match this up with a Glidecam, just be aware that the standard rotating post is pretty short. The bottom weights can shift forward/back on the sled, the bottom post is adjustable, and the Gimbal can be positioned vertically along the post. It's pretty much got every adjustable feature available.

Laing-Stabilizer-Vest Laing-Gimbal-Adjustment-Balance

The top stage has a quick release cheese plate and features all the fine tuning knobs you'll need to balance your camera. Just be aware that the top stage may require a bit of cork to keep your camera from shifting it's position.

Lower-Sled-Laing-P04 Laing-P04-Top-Stage

The Laing Stabilizer Vest can be adjusted to fit taller or smaller frames, and the Arm is mounted to a quick release socket block. Velcro straps adjust the vest very nicely and buckles are used to climb in and out of the vest.

Laing-Socket-Block Adjsting-Laing-X-15-P-04-BlackMagic

The X-15 ISO Arm can easily be dialed to support an even lighter setup than my Canon 5D Mark II + Sigma 20mm lens, but can also be dialed up to support heavier camera setups than the BlackMagic Cinema Camera. Hopefully that gives you a general idea of the weight range it supports to see if it will work with your current equipment.

Laing-Canon-5D-BMCC-BlackMagic-Stabilizer Vest BMCC-Cage-BlackMagic Design Laing X-15 Stabilizer Vest Kit Review Video Sample

I can say for DSLR Video Shooters or even BlackMagic Cinema Camera shooters this vest is good. Actually for the price you could consider it to be very very good. Is it as good as the real Steadicam brand? Well, with my lightweight DSLR camera setup I felt the arm wasn't totally as smooth as my Steadicam Merlin ISO Arm, but results were much better once I mounted a heavier camera system like the BlackMagic Cinema Camera. On it's own, the Laing P-04 Stabilizer works excellent, but it seems adding a bit more weight to the X-15 Arm and Vest will yield better performance from the arm.

For more information about the Laing X-15 Vest Arm and P-04 Hand Held Video Stabilizer System, you can find more details on the following eBay product pages (click here).

Came-Laing-X-15 VestLaing X-15 Arm VestVest-Stabilizer-Laing-X15-P-04
find-price-button Laing X-15 Vest w/ Laing P-04 Hand Held Stabilizer

Laing P-04 Stabilizers available now on eBay