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Here's a look at the new RodeLink Filmmaker Wireless Audio System. In the video below i'll show you the parts, basic setup, functions, and a quick distance test at the end of the video.

I haven't done extensive tests, but in the short time i've been using the kit, it's been nothing but solid performance. RODE is offering up quite a bit in this kit, along with a lav microphone that can be adapted for use with other systems. Another interesting feature is the RODELINK can be powered via AA batteries or powered through it's USB port. I believe the USB port can be used for firmware upgrades as well.

For the price it's hard to argue that this is a must have piece of kit everyone should have in their bag. If you've been looking to get a wireless kit, I wouldn't wait too long. The price is right, and I feel these items will continue to sell out for sometime. It's still unclear if prices will go up to the list price of $599, but right now Pre-Orders are currently listing for just $399 (found here).

Rode Wireless FIlmmaker Kit
find-price-button Rode Wireless Filmmaker Kit - Wireless Lav Mic System


Vimeo member Carl quickly throws up some sample tests between the Rode VideoMic and VideoMic Pro. He's also thrown in Rode's latest Lavalier directly into the Canon 5D Mark II which sounds awesome (but is kinda pricey). Rode themselves have even left a bit of feedback in the video comments to try another test. Using the new +20db feature in the VideoMic Pro along with the 5D Mark II audio turned way down to improve with the floor noise. This is the benefit for having manual controls over your DSLR's audio levels, a feature native to only the Canon 5D Mark II and 60D. T2i users can benefit from Magic Lantern firmware, but 7D owners need to rely on some type of AGC disable. [Thanks Carl]

[Update] Here's Carl's follow up test using the +20db setting on VMP and turning gain down in the camera. Compared to the non-Pro VideoMic there's a difference.

Another slightly different take on some audio tests throwing in a 550D + Magic Lantern in the mix. This time Vimeo member D Films starts out with an unboxing. Audio in the beginning was the ATR3350 Lav mic + Zoom H1.

find-price-button Rode VideoMic Pro

find-price-button Rode VideoMic

find-price-button Rode Lavalier Microphone