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The Zoom H1 is the hottest talked about Portable Audio recorder since the Zoom H4n. I posted an article about it here. It's small, simple to use, high quality, and best of all 'Dirt Cheap'. Although it's not available yet, WindTech isn't holding out until last minute. There's already a 'Mic-Muff' available to help tone down some of that wind noise, should you decide to use the onboard microphones. I've heard the term 'Dead Cat' for the larger ones, 'Dead Kitten' for the smaller ones, and i'm personally going to coin this 'Dead Hamster'. Check out the new WindTech Mic-Muff for the Zoom H1 by clicking here.

Using this as a handheld microphone is quite handy, but you know, it does remind me of something. I just can't quite put my finger on it.....

No word on if Zoom H1 is going to include a Wind Screen of their own, but i'm guessing it will be the standard black foam type. The one product that's made the most impact in this Wind Dampening area for the Zoom H4n product is the RedHead Windscreen.

click image to find RedHead WindScreens

I've seen several test videos with the RedHead (by the way they aren't all red in color) and it's a must have for anyone planning on using the on board Zoom Microphones in breezy conditions. You can find video samples in any of his listings and prices by clicking here.