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Remember a short while back I mentioned I was working on a personal project to perform some independent LED Video Light Tests? Well here's a small update on where this project is at.

The image below (computer screen shot) are various different LED video lights I have laying around shot with exactly the same settings. This is a visual reference to compare the brightness, spread (diffusion), and also color reference of each LED video light. I've locked the camera down to a white balance of 5600K for these images. Some of the tests were performed between Daylight and Tungsten, but the side by side comparison really shows extreme color casts between the various LED lights.

Cheesycam LED Video Light Tests
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I also decided to get more serious about using a true LED Spectrometer for these tests that will provide me with more accurate readings and charts. I'll be able to share these images as well as exact numbers from the meter for each light including CRI and LUX readings. The image below are a few settings from the various LED Video lights. This project will be quite interesting indeed..

Cheesycam LED Video Light Meter Tests Spectrometer
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[Note:] I am performing my own tests with a standardized setup across each LED light as a reference. This is an independent test which may greatly differ from what each Manfacturer displays as their proper listed technical specifications.


These light stands fold in such a way that make them super compact down to about 19", but can still be extended to a max height of 7' feet. If you're not a fan of checking in your equipment at the airlines, these stands can actually fit into a Pelican 1510 Roller Airline Carry On sized Roller making it perfect for traveling.

These stands can also operate at a much lower height than traditional light stands when you need to mount some type of kicker or bounce. Manfrotto has a 5001B version that sells for close to $50 dollars/each (found here on Amazon).

find-price-button Manfrotto 5001B 74-Inch Nano Stand

A slightly cheaper alternative folding light stand can also be found on eBay. I purchased a set of these a while back for $39 US/each (found here on eBay).

find-price-button Reverse Compact Folding Light 7' Light Stand

Last week I received one from F&V which has better build quality than my previous eBay stands, and there is a 10% discount deal if you add (3) F&V stands to your cart. If you're on the move and want to travel as compact as possible, I highly suggest looking into these type of stands.

reverse folding stand lightreverse folding stand
find-price-button F&V 10% Discount add 3 to Cart