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With four kids toting around iPods and iPads, i've made it a habit to carry around a portable battery pack. Last year, I've also traveled to a few conventions, and a portable battery is a necessity for my own personal gadgets. When Seaport Digital reached out about their new Power Smart 27K portable Battery, the specs seemed to really fit my needs to charge up my Galaxy Tablet, iPhone, Sony RX100 MK2, and most importantly give me extra runtime with my Macbook Pro Retina. Here's a video look at what comes in the box.

When traveling through airports, watching movies on a plane, and walking around for hours covering a convention there's no time to stop and plug in to a wall outlet. The slim profile of the Power Smart 27K battery makes it easy to slip into my backpack (without the case) when I need to portable power on the go, or when i'm working at a crowded coffee shop fighting for an outlet.

The Power Smart 27K comes with a variety of adapter tips offering extended run times to most laptops, but MacBook Air users will really appreciate the included 'MagSafe Cable'. Many batteries are capable of powering up a Macbook, but Apple has been very protective over it's 'MagSafe' connector. I'm not quite sure how they are able to offer this, but i'm glad they do. The provided cable is using the older MagSafe 1, but you can convert this with a small MagSafe 2 Adapter (found here)
Apple Magsafe to Magsafe 2 adapter
Apple MagSafe to MagSafe 2 Adapter

If portable power (especially for your Macbook laptops) are important, the Power Smart 27K Portable Battery may be something to look into. It comes ready with the necessary adapters and cables and carries a 27000 mAh/97Wh capacity. For more information about the Seaport Digital Power Smart 27K, visit their website at https://seaportdigital.com

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