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For photographers who need longer battery life with Speedlite flashes, the standard has been very expensive Quantum battery packs. Typically around $300+ dollars (seen here via B&H). There are a few cheap external solutions that use 6x AA batteries (seen here on eBay), but they are merely extended power sources and often don't help to improve recycle times.

Now a popular product making rounds in the last year as an alternative is the GoDox external flash battery packs. GoDox also have a variety of other lighting products including large studio strobes and continuous lights. I had a brief look at these products over at the PhotoPlus Expo in New York, and these battery packs look very good. The Godox external flash battery packs are available for Canon, Nikon, and popular Yongnuo flashes as well found via eBay (Click here).

Godox Flash Battery PackGodox Battery Flash ExternalGodox Green Battery Glash
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YouTube member Wandomphoto performs a distance test with the Yongnuo RF603n (the n is for Nikon), and claims some pretty good results up to 1/4 mile away. These are very basic triggers and receivers that lack all the other high speed sync and communications that other high end triggers offer, but are fairly reliable. I am still using the RF602 triggers which included one remote trigger and one receiver. I haven't upgraded because they are not compatible with the RF603. The RF603 made a change in design that makes them 'Transceivers' which is both a transmitter and receiver. That's actually a much better design when you need to keep adding another remote or another receiver to the kit. A pair of these will run you about $30 bucks, and you can check them out via eBay (click here)

find-price-button Yongnuo RF603 Wireless Trigger Receiver