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Still haven't had time to go out to shoot with the new Nikon D600, but I was curious as to how the ISO noise would perform. I did a quick test compared to the Canon 5D Mark III which really sets the bar for ISO noise in DSLR cameras, and it's something I use everyday. There's not a doubt that Nikon has brought out an incredible and affordable Full Frame camera to market for still photographers, but many people are finding that the D600 falls short on a few video features.

I won't say the lack of these features make it a bad camera, but it might be missing just enough to make you want to jump over to the Nikon D800. More on that later, but for now here's a quick out of box ISO noise comparison.


Wanting to test out video features on the new Nikon D600, I needed to check if it fits in the P&C GearBox so that I can start mounting the accessories. It's short enough to fit in the GearBox without the extension adapters, and you still have full access to media and batteries.

P&C GearBox Nikon D600


If you've been following some of the new camera announcements this month with the Sony A99, Nikon D600, and Canon EOS 6D, you've probably heard a few references to 'uncompressed video output via HDMI'. In the lineup, Canon was the only one who limited this feature. There's plenty of benefits when recording from the HDMI output of your camera such as capturing to a higher bitrate ProRes format (instead of compressed MTS, MP4, MOV, etc).

Capturing directly to ProRes also speeds up post processing for those who still need to batch convert. It's also the same format the new BlackMagic Camera will have as an option when you're not shooting RAW. The high bitrate in the ProRes file maintains more information needed to push around color and exposure in post and can help prevent ghosting and pixelation from fast moving subjects that the internal compressed codec can't handle. Some cameras will benefit by retaining more information in the shadows and keep from blowing out highlights.

The Atomos Ninja-2 is one of those affordable devices that should pair up nicely with the new Nikon Full Frame D600, the Sony SLT-A99, or even the new Sony VG900. The Ninja-2 brings a higher resolution screen to double as an external monitor with features like Focus Peaking, Zebras, and False color. You can also dismiss that 10-12 minute time limit, because the Ninja can record continuously - a great option for Wedding guys that need the 'set it and forget' camera angle. I'm hoping to see some significant benefits when pairing the Nikon D600 to the Atomos Ninja-2 which should both arrive any day now...

find-price-button Nikon D600 Full Frame DSLR Video Camera

find-price-button Atomos Ninja 2 HDMI Recorder - via B&H Photo Video

find-price-button Atomos Ninja 2 HDMI Recorder - via dveStore.com


The new Nikon D600 Full Frame Video DSLR is officially available and already shipping. Has anyone out there already decided on this camera? I'm a Canon shooter, but this one seems to deliver more of what i'm looking for over the newly announced Canon 6D (which i'll probably end up trying anyways). The new Nikon D600 starts at just under $2100 (body only) via B&H (Click Here)

Nikon D600 Body
find-price-button Nikon D600 Full Frame Camera Body


Well, that was quick. Sony had a few days to shine with the new SLT-A99 as being the lightest and cheapest Full Frame sensor DSLR on the market, but now Nikon has officially announced the much leaked D600. The A99 weighs in just under 1.8 lbs, while the new Nikon D600 weighs in just under 1.7 lbs. Canon where you at?

So far some might say it's a mini D800 that will even offer DSLR Video shooters Uncompressed HDMI Video Output, and expected to be $700-800 dollars cheaper than the new Sony SLT-A99. Check out more about the new Nikon D600 via B&H (Click Here)

Nikon-D600_24_85_frontNikon D600Nikon D600
find-price-button Nikon D600 Full Frame Camera Compact Size