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Most of you will just skip this post, but for Geeks like me that enjoy all things DSLR, here's a look at some of the current Canon Lens Replica Mugs / Cups. Needless to say, i've collected a few, and i've also given out a few as gifts. The one gift idea you know won't ever get thrown away. If i'm not using them as mugs, I use them as Pen holders on my desk. Also available in some Nikon versions (click here).

Canon 100mm Macro IS Coffee Mug
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Old video - The 24-105mm has been upgraded with Stainless Steel Inserts

If you're out of gift ideas for what to get your camera geek buddies, you may want to check out the Coffee Mug Lens Replicas. I'm all over this one. After the initial release of the Canon 70-200mm F/4 at the Olympics, there's been quite a few new additions of 'Lens Replica Coffee Mugs' including Nikon versions. The Nikon version i'm showing in my gallery actually 'Zooms' in and out, which is quite whimsical. The details on these replicas are incredible with the recent versions being over 95% detailed to match the real deal. The new versions also include stainless steel inserts for hot beverages, perfect for both Camera lovers and Coffee Drinkers. I have quite a few myself which you can check out in the galleries below. The 24-105mm Lens mug you see in my gallery is the old one. The new Canon 24-105mm F/4 Replica Lens mug now has a stainless steel insert and is more accurate in replica details.

Originally these items were crazy over priced upwards of $100 dollars each with rare finds, but now the the trend has died down and there's more sellers available. The new cheaper prices sometimes found for about $10 dollars for these things make for the perfect Christmas gift for any Camera enthusiast. A gift you know won't end up being recycled back to someone else, LOL. You'll find local sellers that can get you one in short time, but if you're looking to get this by the big Holiday for cheap over seas pricing, you may want to pad for some shipping time and order soon.

find-price-button Nikon Coffee Mug Telephoto Zoom

find-price-button Canon Lens Mug Coffee Mug Replica Telephoto Zoom


I blogged about the popular Canon 70-200mm Replica Lens Coffee Mugs that first showed up during the Winter Olympics 'With Stainless Steel Insert', and then in short time a non-OEM Canon 24-105mm replica lens cup turned up which was ok, but didn't have a stainless steel insert for real coffee use.

Soon after a replica Nikon 24-105 Lens mug showed up. The Nikon replica 24-105 lens plastic mug was a nice try piggy-backing on the popularity of the Canon 70-200mm coffee mug, but also didn't have the stainless steel insert like a true Hot Coffee Mug.

click image

Well looks like Nikon users have something even more to smile about, now that the Nikon 24-70mm F/2.8 Replica Lens Thermos Coffee Mug with Stainless Steel insert is up for sale. The replica from the photos look fairly well put together and adds a nice touch with the replica box and lens bag. You can find the Nikon 24-70mm F/2.8 Replica Lens Coffee Thermos Mug here.

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The Canon 24-105mm Plastic cup also gets the Stainless Steel treatment making it finally useable for actual Coffee drinkers. If you haven't checked out my videos on these replica lens coffee mugs, they are actually made quite well. You would think that after this quality upgrade to Stainless Steel prices would go up from the normal $80+ dollars they used to fetch for, but in reality, now that popularity has died down they've become much more affordable for us geeky nostalgic collectors. You can find both Nikon and Canon Stainless Steel Replica Lens Mugs here.