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Roller bearing sliders have a love/hate relationship. Some people love the smooth no friction action, and some people hate the inconsistencies they might get without friction. Thanks for Martin for tipping me off on this review. YouTube member AYFilms gives us a review of the Camtree Micro Dolly. We've all seen IGUS Drylin based sliders, but with this Camtree Micro Dolly version they provide an optional pulley system. They are also using one of the widest rails available from IGUS which handles much better than the smaller and narrower versions.

Camtree Micro Dolly Slider Pulley IGUS

The IGUS rails work on dry (plastic-like) bearings that actually slide (not roll) across the rail. One thing to keep in mind with these friction sliders is you want to center the weight as best as possible. Too much over the side and you'll have unequal tension. The pulley system not only offers additional tension to make sliding more consistent, but pulls the carrier from the lowest point to provide less binding. As mentioned in the video, with the pulley crank removed, you're pretty much 80% the way to making a motorized slider or motion controlled timelapse rig. The Camtree Micro Dolly comes with Pulley system, Quick Release Adapter, and Foam padded Travel Case.

Camtree IGUS Pulley Slider
find-price-button Camtree Micro Dolly IGUS Slider w/ Pulley


Egg timer, Rotisserie, and a GoPro HD Camera. It's not a riddle, but that's what Vimeo member Tony Rodriguez used as the recipe for making this DIY Motion Controlled Panning Timelapse rig. Not the first time i've seen a GoPro on a simple Egg Timer, but this I believe is the first time i've seen it put onto a Motion Controlled Slider. The whole setup is a Go Pro 960 mounted on an egg timer and a homemade dolly (igus slider) and using a Battery Rotisserie Grill Motor that moves 2.5 RPM (revolutions per minute). A few images of the rig (below), but if you need more information you can holla at Tony here: https://vimeo.com/18331363




Checked around eBay and this might the same battery operated motor being used. Very clever use of this motor, and i'm sure this will drum up new DIY ideas to use this in other projects:
find-price-button Rotisserie Battery Powered Grill Motor


Jordan M. writes in and shares a clever DIY timelapse panning rig using a simple Kitchen timer for the motor. I've seen many different DIY Egg Timer timelapse panning rigs, but I haven't seen one coupled with a Lazy Susan spinning tray before. It's a simple design and appears every single part of this DIY rig can be purchased at Walmart, so it's within everyone's budget and everyone's skill set. For those who might want to spend a bit more cash, i'm sure you can polish it up into something more fancy looking. I think it's great the way it is, and seems to get the job done just fine for very little coin. [Thanks Jordan!]

Spinning Kitchen Tray with Kitchen Timer motor - DIY Motion Timelapse Panning Rig


Here's another excellent example of a focus pull technique with the Stage Zero Motion Controlled Timelapse dolly from Dynamic Perceptions. Each week there seems to be lots of new and exciting additions to the Stage Zero dolly and MX2 controllers. More support for additional camera makes to be remotely triggered for a completely programmable no touch timelapse solution from Nikon, Canon, Pentax, and Panasonic. According to the Dynamic Perceptions blog, these new motion controlled Timelapse dollies are currently open for pre-orders with an expected delivery date of December 10th. You can keep up or catch up with all the news, instructional videos, and my favorites - more sample motion controlled Timelapse videos over at the website: https://dynamicperception.com/?main_page=wordpress&cat=5

Dynamic Perceptions Stage Zero Motion Controlled Timelapse Dolly



Dynamic Perceptions generated quite some excitement after showcasing their 'Stage Zero' motion controlled Timelapse camera slider. You can find that video here: http://cheesycam.com/dynamic-perceptions-motion-controlled-timelapse-rig/. Unfortunately at the time the video was released, the Stage Zero Timelapse rig was unavailable for order, and no prices had been released. Well, wait no more. Just yesterday there was an announcement opening up the flood gates for pre-orders on a 4ft and 6ft rig. You can find more information and prices over at the Dynamic Perceptions website https://www.dynamicperception.com/.