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syrp magic carpet camera video slider motion control

According to the website, the new Magic Carpet Camera Slider from Syrp (starts at just $299) sold out on it's first release and pre-orders and will be ready to begin shipping by approximately the end of November. What is the Magic Carpet Slider? Here's a short intro video and product description below.

Product Description:
The Magic Carpet is a simple, portable solution for obtaining buttery smooth tracking slider shots. Designed with a full roller-bearing carriage and quick-release levers the Magic Carpet ensures your time on-location is well spent creating amazing footage rather than dealing with the technical setup of your shoot.

The Magic Carpet also comes motion control ready by simply adding the Genie (vimeo.com/46075511) to the track you are setup to film smooth motion control time-lapse or real-time video.

Either choose from a Short Track (2.6 Feet / 800mm) or a Long Track (5.2 Feet / 1600mm). It's universal design means you can easily add another length track to your kit and use the same carriage + end caps giving you the flexibility of longer camera movements and portability in one package.

Additional information about the Syrp Magic Carpet - Camera Slider and Motion Control options can be found via the product page (found here).

long track magic carpet slidersyrp magic carpet slider short track
find-price-button Syrp Magic Carpet - Camera Slider


NAB 2014 Rich from Camera Motion Research offers a tour on the iFootage Shark Video Slider. The intertia generated from the weighted flywheel spins as you move the slider and requires for a gradual smooth start / stop.

The iFootage Shark Slider has all of the professional feature sets including adjustable legs / feet, smooth carbon rails, extendable rails, adjustable bearings, and is unique with the counterweight flywheel.

As of this writing Camera Motion Research is the only US retailer carrying the iFootage Shark Video Slider kit sold with an extension rails (for longer runs), and optional flywheel for added inertia. The iFootage Shark Video Slider product is already available and can be found at https://CamotionLLC.com (click here)

find-price-button Camera Motion Reasearch - iFootage Shark Video Slider Kit

If the iFootage Shark Video Slider was not impressive enough on it's own, the iFootage team had their own NAB booth showing off a new prototype programmable 2-Axis Motion Control Pan / Tilt Head addition for the Shark Video Slider. Each axis is capable of rotating a full 360 degrees. Combined with the slider the complete kit will offer full 3 Axis programmable motion control.

I'm not sure if you can tell, but the microphone wasn't far from the head unit. The unit is fairly silent even as it tracked across for real time video use. Aside from offering very advanced time-lapse photography features that can be programmed into a wireless remote, the head can be programmed for auto panning to keep a subject in frame. Stay tuned about this product.

iFootage Motion Control Head Timelapse Video Slider Shark DSLR

NAB 2014 Coverage Sponsors

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Cinevate teams up with DitoGear to offer the Cinevate Moco - motion control for Cinevate Sliders. The motorized add-on attaches to many of Cinevate's popular sliders and claims to handle movements that other sliders require separate motors to do. Repeatability with macro precision is maintained in any position - horizontally, angled, vertically, or inverted. The Cinevate Moco can further be expanded to support multi axis control from a tablet, or add on the DitoGear OmniHead for 3 axis 360x360 rotations. You can find additional information about Cinevate's Moco following the link (here).

Cinevate Moco Motion Control for Sliders
Cinevate Moco - Motion Control for Cinevate Sliders


Just thought i'd string up the 360VM Crank slider with some 30LB Fishing line and see what type of movement I could achieve with a basic battery powered Rotisserie motor. There are some great examples of these rotisserie motors being used on DIY projects like this one here and here.

It might look like things are standing still, but if you look closely the carrier is slowly inching it's way across. These very slow speed rotisserie motors are great for simple motion control on a slider because they can probably pull a full sized turkey. To speed things up I could possibly add a larger spool. The larger diameter will pull the carrier down the rail at a much faster pace. Or if you're up to it, start looking into servos or motors and speed controllers like the one Gordon has used on his Konova.

find-price-button Rotisserie Battery Powered Grill Motor