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Skyler MiniArm Forearm brace.JPGSkyler MiniArm Forearm brace

The guys making the Skyler Minicam Stabilizers look like they've been busy in the last few months. Not only have they released another Skyler Minicam Stabilizer model with folding legs and Arca swiss quick release plate, but they've also added a new ForeArm Brace.

When a full Vest if too bulky, and when your arms get too tired from flying, an arm brace can sure come in handy. If you're not a DIY type of guy/gal, then your other option for a forearm brace is the bulkier Flycam version (below).

find-price-button Flycam Forearm Arm Brace for Flycam and Glidecam HD Stabilizer

Something like this new Skyler MiniArm is most likely not going to be comfortable with your large Glidecam setups, but for all the new mini handheld stabilizers popping up and pocket cinema cameras, it should do well to provide arm strain relief.

Skyler Brace ForearmSkyler Forearm braceSkyler MiniArm Forearm brace.JPG 2
find-price-button Skyler MiniCam MiniARM Forearm Stabilizer Brace

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Another Hollywood Ultralight turns up on auction. This ultralight stabilizer is a discontinued product, but works like a mini Glidecam (as seen in the video demonstration above). It can support cameras of up to 4lbs, but with all the new GF3 like cameras with HD video, it's too bad they don't start making these things again. eBay auction found (click here)

Screen shot 2011-09-11 at 11.16.41 AM
find-price-button Hollywood Lite VS1 mini Video Camera Stabilizer