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Que Audio offers a Mini Shotgun Microphone kit which is great for small cameras, when traveling, or lightweight audio booming. A nice feature in this small package is the three different gain stages: 0dB, +10dB, and +20dB to help maximize your signal to noise ratio. The Que Audio mini shotgun microphone starts out at $180 dollars or more depending on the kit you choose. Find all the options and prices for the Que Audio via B&H (Click Here)

Que Audio Mini ShotgunQue Audo Microphone
find-price-button Que Audio Mini Shotgun Microphone Kit

MicW is a popular overseas microphone company we checked out at MacWorld earlier this year. MicW just released the iShotgun mini shotgun microphone that not only works with your DSLR Video camera, but can also be adapted to work with the iPhone, iPod, or iPad. Price starts around $250 dollars and can be found via Amazon (Click Here).

iShotgun-MicW-Micro-Mini-Shotgun MicrophoneiShotgun Microphone
find-price-button MicW iShotgun Super Cardioid Mini Shotgun Microphone Kit

On the budget side of things, Polaroid is offering a mini Shotgun microphone. Looking at the photos, it's clear there is a design influence from the MicW iShotgun. The Polaroid mini shotgun microphone runs just under $60 bucks via eBay (Click Here).

polaroid-mini-micro-shotgun-microphonePolaroid Mini Shotgun Microphone
find-price-button Polaroid Mini DSLR Video Shotgun Microphone