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JuicedLink Portable Audio Recorder LAV belt Pack little DARling

I don't know about you, but for me this is very exciting news. Robert from JuicedLink has made an announcement showcasing their first 'Portable Audio Recorder' belt pack. Here's a quote from the JL Blog Article:

Imagine, making these filmmaker-friendly alterations to the Zoom H1 for use with a lav:
Chop the top internal mic off, to make it belt-pack sized (a little smaller than the Sennheiser G3 belt-pack transmitter)
Make the connectors locking, so the lav can't pop out
Add "Audio Bracketing", so you have a backup recording in post if you blow out the main track
Make key buttons recessed, so a user can not accidentally stop the recording or change settings as they are active and moving around ... no "butt dialing"
In addition to headphones, provide a "thru" connection, so the Little DARling can be a front end recorder, then drive a wireless transmitter like the Sennheiser G3 system

When it comes to recording audio from a remote subject, wireless options can be expensive and also prone to interference. One inexpensive solution was to throw a Zoom H1 portable audio recorder into your subject's pocket and setup a LAV mic. For me this worked great, but you have to worry about audio levels since you can't monitor this remotely. With the new JuicedLink 'Little DARling', the audio is recorded in two separate tracks at different audio levels (as a safety). It's also easier to pocket than a Zoom H1 since it lacks internal microphones.

JuicedLink Audio  Recorder vs Sennheiser G3 Wireless
JuicedLink Audio Recorder Belt Pack 'Little DARling vs Sennheiser G3 Wireless Belt Pack

You can read more about the product over at the JuicedLink article (found here). Right now it's in an early development phase and Robert is looking for some feedback about how you would use an item like this, what features you think should be included, or other questions. For me i'd like to know how Pricing? How long I can record? How long does the battery last? Plug in power? Headphone monitoring and line out? If you have any other comments, make sure to leave them here.