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Testing out the Canon 60D w/ Tokina 11-16mm with cheap Timelapse Timer Remote. I'm still very happy with this cheap Timer Remote. I thought that it would have battery problems since there's no On/Off switch. You have to flip the watch type button battery around when it's not in use. There's been several days I didn't flip it around, and i'm still on the same battery. I stayed at Caesars Palace and this was the view from the outside staircase and took 1,275 photos with 3 second intervals. Really short clips of this will end up in a video project. Camera just set to AV F/9. Everything else was pretty much automatic.

I wanted to travel with a minimum amount of gear to Las Vegas so I played the dating game with my cameras, to make the best decision. Camera #1 what would you do for wide angle and zoom shooting? After a few questions, I ended up taking the Canon 60D over everything (yes even the 5D Mark II). Why? Well most of my footage would be in CES which was very well lit. In fact all of Vegas is pretty 'well lit'. So I decided to take my Tamron 18-270mm with VC. This lens gives me both wide and super zooms and has Vibration Control (same as IS) all in one lens. For super duper wides, I brought out the Tokina 11-16mm. Both lenses won't work on the Canon 5D Mark II, so he's out of the picture. Since my audio gear was going to be minimal, the Manual audio controls of the Canon 60D beat out both the 7D and T2i as options.

We chased a TV hostess for a network show around while she demoed some of the items at CES. She was on a wireless microphone, but I needed to get as much of the same audio for later syncing. With a simple Rode VideoMic and 60D Manual Audio controls, I was able to pinpoint the sound I needed from our television hostess. Using a wide lens and staying close to the TV hostess was also a technique to focus on the sound I wanted and leave out as much ambient noise as possible. For those who still have questions, the Canon 60D has been a top performer and very versatile. I'm also finding myself really using the swivel LCD, and can't wait till Canon implements this into the 5D Mark III (if that ever happens.....)