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I'm not sure how many people have looked into one of Canon's latest Prime Lenses with IS (yes image stabilization), but today this seems like quite the deal. MSRP on this 28mm F/2.8 IS lens is normally $550, with current instant rebates of $50 bucks drops it down to $499 - but wait there's more!

Proceed to the Checkout at Adorama, and this lens drops all the way down to just $349 today (you have to proceed to the checkout to see the number change). [Update] FYI, you may have trouble seeing this deal on a mobile device so make sure you're behind a desktop/laptop. I've never tried this lens, but I'll leave it up to you guys to decide, check it out (Click Here).

Canon 28mm Prime IS Image Stabilization
find-price-button Canon 28mm F/2.8 Prime Lens with Image Stabilization


Not too happy with the Fluid Head that comes attached with this $99.00 dollar slider from IndiSystems, but the rail and carrier work pretty well. It looks thicker than other Camera Slider rails out there, but it's actually hollow and very lightweight. This 2 foot version of a silder is easier for my type of workflow compared to the 4 ft. slider I show in this video. This $99 dollar video camera slider mounts well directly to the Tripod or to a Quick release plate.

I had to drill out the old fluid head mount (plastic) and make room for a 1/4 x 20 flat headed screw. I wanted to keep it at 1/4 x 20 so I still have the option of mounting a camera directly to the carrier plate. In order to mount the Bogen 701HDV Fluid head, 1/4 to 3/8 adapter like this one. I don't do a whole bunch of sliding, but now maybe I will since this is a lighter and smaller version compared to the other Igus Rail. This is the mini slider from https://indisystem.com/products/indislider_mini

You can also get the same slider for a bit more here:

Did I mention I got my new 100mm Macro IS USM lens in also?? It's awesome...Here's a few samples below I took outside in the parking lot.
100mm Macro IS USM Canon Lens