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There's a number of iPhone shutter remotes that can add features your camera may lack such as a basic intervalometer (time-lapse) or HDR bracketing. Some systems offer an additional hardware receiver to sync up via Bluetooth and operate wirelessly. One major problem is that you may not want to tie your iPhone down just to be used as a shutter remote.

Here's another iOS shutter remote App that pairs with a small bit of hardware. The unique feature of this Raydio Master Professional Bluetooth Trigger allows continued operation even with your iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad disconnected.

Here's a few additional features of the product:
- Half-press (AF) / press the shutter / continuous shutter / bulb, delay timer, long time exposure, bracket exposure and intervalometer (time lapse photography).
- Delay timer up to 100 hours.
- Use of bulb shutter can support bracketing functions for HDR bracketing Photography
- Smart Scheduler - once the long exposure/ time lapse comment is sent from iPhone, you can feel free to disconnect the iPhone from RDM-ST1. It will carry out the remaining job automatically for you.
- Long battery Life for more than 3 years.
- Bluetooth 4.0 (Low Energy).
- Small in size, it can be attached next to the camera

The Raydio Master Wireless Trigger for iOS is sold with different shutter cables compatible with Nikon, Canon, Panasonic, Olympus, etc., and can be found via eBay (click here).

Raydio Master Wireless Trigger Bluetooth
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