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Easily the new Inspire2 Drone is the best drone #DJI Has made thus far. There's a slew of advancements made over the previous Inspire1, but my favorite is Spotlight. A big difference with the Inspire series drones are that the Landing Gears can raise above the camera, so the camera can Pan (left and right) a full 360 (while Phantom and Mavic Drones can only tilt). Basically, you can fly straight while the camera moves independently.

Full Pan and Tilt movements allows for the new 'Spotlight' feature, where the software can track a specific subject, following it and automatically Panning and Tilting the camera, while you only need to worry about flying.

It's like having a second operator controlling where your camera needs to point, and it works extremely well! You can easily chase a fast moving car, motorcycle, or fly by a static object (house) while the camera sticks to what you want to track. Pretty amazing, and camera movements are very smooth. #GameChanger

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DJI 10 year sale Phantom Inspire Quadcopters

DjI is turning 10, and celebrating with price drops on DJI Phantom 3 and Inspire1 Quadcopters (including the new Pro version with mirrorless X5 camera) offering up savings of up to $500 OFF. You can check out these deals over at the DJI Website (here).

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DJI Inspire1 Pro and Inspire quadcopter
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With the popularity of drones, we're finding many projects are planned heavily around the use of aerial footage. So as a fail safe, we find it's a good idea to always bring a backup drone with extra batteries, extra remotes, and props, otherwise the entire project could be scrapped.

Our go to system these days is the DJI Inspire 1 4K Quadcopters, that comes with an excellent lightweight ABS case, but carrying it around on long hikes can be a pain - especially if you have to carry other equipment as well. Investing in a different case means more money, and most hard cases add-on an aditional 6 lbs. I really love the DJI Inspire1 lightweight ABS Case, but just needed a better way to transport them.

I decided to pick up two of these DJI Inspire1 Case BackPack Adapters. Four straps wrap around the standard case, and buckle in the center. The straps can be adjusted and holds the system very tight. There are a few extra pockets around the backpack to hold small items, and water bottle holders on each side. A waist and chest support strap also distribute the weight so it's very comfortable.

dji inspire1 backpack adapter ronin-m casedji ronin-m case inspire 1 adapter backpack
VIEW-ITEM DJI Inspire 1 Backpack Adapter

At first glance it looks a bit odd, but ask any Inspire 1 owner to try it out, and they'll be sold at how practical it is. And for DJI Ronin-M owners, don't forget the new ABS Ronin-M Hard Shell Case which looks very similar to the Inspire 1 case. This backpack adapter could work just as well when you have to travel with your gimbal.

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DJI has announced two new gimbal ready 4K cameras that can be used on existing Inspire1 quadcopters. Unlike the original 4K camera, the X5 and X5R are new 4K Micro Four Third (MFT) interchangeable lens cameras. Even though it appears to be a standard MFT mount, only a few lenses have been announced to be truly compatible. The main difference between the two cameras is that the X5R is capable of shooting 4K RAW.

While I'm already quite happy with the results of the existing Inspire1 camera, the new X5 and X5R are incredibly impressive. DJI has really raised the bar for other companies to follow. Unfortunately the announced pricing is $2199 (X5) and $4999 I feel will keep many from upgrading. But keep in mind DJI has been known to inflate prices when new products are announced, and typically is much less when it finally becomes available. Let's hope they do the same with these new cameras. For more information visit the product pages below.

VIEW-ITEM DJI X5 and X5R RAW Camera and 3-Axis Gimbal

Or you can buy the complete kit with Inspire1 Quadcopter. The new Inspire1 'Pro' comes with the new Zenmuse X5 gimbal for just $4999.

VIEW-ITEM DJI Inspire1 Pro 4K Mirrorless MFT Zenmuse Gimbal