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Typically when you want slow motion from a DSLR / Mirrorless camera you shoot in 60fps and conform it down to your 24p/30p project. It's a bit different with the new GH4 and as someone who doesn't read user manuals, selecting these new framerates on the GH4 was just a little confusing so I thought i'd share this video.

By choosing 96fps VFR will give you 25% playback on your 24p Recording Frame Rate for slow motion. Choosing 2fps VFR will give you 1200% playback on your 24p Recording Frame Rate to simulate fast motion. Fast motion is a great option. Instead of doing interval Time Lapse images that have to be stitched in post, the GH4 will save the entire sequence into a single video file. Very fun feature that opens up more creative shooting options when you're out and about. Stay tuned for more GH4 tips.

Slow Motion GH4 Variable Frame Rate Option 96 fps