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Wow, I haven't even had the chance of doing a full review on the Letus Hawk VF - Carbon Fiber version and already Letus has released a new Aluminum Hawk VF. Rather than plain old injected molded plastic, Letus chose to go with CNC milled anodized aluminum for this new Shroud. This aluminum is a nice touch keeping things lightweight, strong, weather tolerant, and also this bad boy looks like it will blend more closely with OEM camera designs. If i'm correct Letus will also be designing the casing to be used with existing Optics should you already own a Carbon Fiber version. This modular piece design will allow you to move your optics from a Carbon Fiber Hawk shroud to the Aluminum Hawk shroud. Letus will be designing different sized shrouds custom made for cameras, so if you decide to change to a different camera with a different LCD size such as a T2i 3/2, you'll just need to purchase the proper sized shroud (not the optics). This is some very cool modular thinking to keep this Letus product up to date with ever changing LCD screen sizes and different camera manufacturers, while saving you big bucks from purchasing something entirely new.

Right now the Letus Hawk VF uses a solid mount to the base of the camera, and it is compatible with Battery Gripped DSLR bodies with the optional riser plate. There may be a new solution in line with a special quick release adapter designed specifically for the Letus Hawk VF's. We'll have to wait to hear more. I can tell you though that these designs take time to whip up, so if this hit you by surprise, we should be expecting a lot more from the Letus DSLR line very soon. You can find more information about the new CNC milled anodized aluminum Hawk VF shroud and additional Product photos here: https://www.letusdirect.com/cart/letus-hawk-aluminum.html