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So GoPro has recently announced a new HERO3+ Black Edition Camera and the main questions are "how much of a difference is the new camera?", and "is it worth the upgrade?" Physically, the camera is basically the same with the exception of the new housing. This means the new HERO3+ camera will still work with previous accessories that you might already own.

YouTube member GearAddix

I'd have to say most everyone was already very happy with the image from the original HERO3, but somehow GoPro managed to deliver even better quality from the new HERO3+. Audio was also greatly improved in the new HERO3+, and the video below shows some of these examples.

YouTube member GearAddix

If you don't currently own a GoPro, the new HERO3+ Black Edition is the camera to get. For those who already own the Gopro HERO3, judging from this very basic side by side HERO3 vs HERO3+ image quality and audio test, do you guys think these differences are worth the upgrade?

[UPDATE March 14th, 2014]
GoPro Releases new Firmware for Hero3+ Black - more Manual Controls.

gopro hero3 plus blackgopro hero3 vs hero3 plus white
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