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This new Lilliput MoPro7 X Sports HDMI Monitor has an internal rechargeable battery keeping the entire unit extra sleek. It can also be powered (or recharged) using the provided DC wall adapter. The MoPro7 comes with multiple backings so that you can use it as a normal HDMI monitor for framing, or swap the backing to enclose your GoPro HERO3 or HERO4 Camera.

With your GoPro HERO camera mounted, the internal MoPro7 battery will keep your GoPro charged up while feeding a live view to the large 7" screen. Although you can use the MoPro7 as a basic HDMI monitor, this certainly does not have the high end features such as peaking, false color, or waveforms. It's simply a neat addition that will help you expands the use of your GoPro HERO cameras making it easier to view exactly what the GoPro, while keeping the camera running longer. For mounting options, the MoPro7 X-Sports Monitor does have a 1/4" thread underneath.

lilliput mopro7 x sports monitor cheesycam reviewLilliput MoPro 7 GoPro Monitor HDMI cheesycam review
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