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I was looking for a few more strong mini ball heads and just happened to run into these guys. From the photos they looked pretty high quality, and at less than $8 bucks a piece, worth a shot. Once they dropped in, I was pretty happy with the build on these things.

You probably saw me earlier mounting this to that CAME 2 Axis Gimbal under the MustHD Monitor. Very sturdy little ball heads and priced well against many of the other micro / mini ball heads. For under $8 dollars + free shipping, you can find the Osrso ball heads via eBay (click here).

osrso mini ball head cheesycam ebay FRT-01 FRT-02 FRT-03s-l225-2osrso mini ball head cheesycam ebay FRT-01 FRT-02 FRT-03
find-price-button Osrso Heavy Duty Inexpensive Mini Ball Heads

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