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find-price-button Gini New DSLR Cage-1 15mm Rod Adjustable Frame

[Updated] New images added shown with Camera and Rod config

Gini is going mad and seems to be adding more and more to his line up of products. Today a new 'Cage-1' is being auctioned, with a ridiculous amount of threaded accessory ports [Thanks Jim]. If you know anything about machine work, more threaded taps means higher production costs. You can see there's still a cut out for battery access under the cage. Notice how top and bottom stage are the same? Can be used in different orientations depending on camera model. Everyone has been very impressed with Gini quality products, and a cage was definitely long over due.


Instead of a solid block frame, he's gone with a cheese-plate style top and bottom plate with 15mm rods on the sides, giving you virtually unlimited height for cameras that are short like a GH2, or tall like a 1D Mark IV or cameras with Battery Grips. The 15mm rods can obviously accept 90 degree clamps so you can build on it like any normal rig. Remove one rod and you've got room for your swing away LCDs (60D, T3i, GH2). I say replace the rods with custom sized carbon rods if you're rocking a lightweight setup. Check out some additional specs and images over at the site (click here).

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find-price-button Gini New DSLR Cage-1 15mm Rod Adjustable Frame