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If you're looking to do Timelapse with the GH2, there's a few options for remotes (none as cheap as the ones available for Canon). Vimeo member Olivia writes in showing the Pixel Intervalometer (a.k.a Timer Remote) in action. Seems to do the job pretty well firing off the camera at whatever chosen interval setting. Not sure what's going on with all those extra menu options such as Delay and Long. The Pixel one she's using is cheapest via Amazon than through eBay, and you can find it below. [Thanks Olivia]

find-price-button Pixel Timer Remote Control Shutter for Panasonic

Of course i'm always looking for a deal, but unfortunately eBay isn't the place to find a cheap Intervalometer for the GH2 at the moment. There's actually a different model that runs even cheaper than Olivia's, but says only 5 left. Does it work? No reviews on this one just yet, but i'm guessing it works just fine. I might have to grab me one of these.

find-price-button LCD Timer Remote Controller for PANASONIC