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Checking out different websites for a Matte Box + French flags that can support filters, it's pretty hard to locate anything under $400 dollars. Especially for DIY guys making custom rigs, you might not be looking for something that requires a Rod Rig Mount. This one mounts using the Filter threads on your lenses. I've seen this Cokin Filter based Matte Box for DSLR's many many times, but didn't know if it was something to consider. It's nice that it's Cokin Filter Compatible saving you tons of dollars on those inexpensive filters. Checking out his eBay Feedback looks like he's selling quite a few each week. So i'm looking for some additional input from people who might have purchased this thing, is it good or not good? Or is this possibly one of those items like a Justin Bieber CD that shows it sold millions but nobody wants to admit they own it...... Anyone?