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Nitsan writes in and shares his YouTube Review for the Fancier 270 Bowl Mount Tripod. I haven't used this particular tripod, but he seems to have good things to say about the Counterbalance feature, Sturdy set of legs, padded bag, etc. Keep in mind you're looking for the 270A version for the higher quality metal legs. On eBay, they can run upwards of $220 dollars, but there is one USA seller who offers it at $159 via eBay (click here).

find-price-button Fancier 270A Bowl Mount Tripod - via eBay

For USA customers, you can find one via Amazon for $149 + Free Shipping (here)
find-price-button FC-270A Professional Video Camera Tripod with Fluid Pan Head Bowl


DSLRMarketPlace provides a video with an up close look on all the things the WF718 Tripod + Fluid head has to offer. I was always under the assumption the WF718 was the same as the 717AH fluid head, but there's some differences including the quick release mounting and positionable sliding plate. Now i'm curious if the internal build is the same as the 717AH. This Video Fluid head with extension arm is a set that includes the much requested video Tripod legs. These tripod legs have some skills that show off a nice range of positions (as seen towards the end of the video). The tripod also comes with a lower central bag hook, not only to store your backpack, but to weigh it down for some extra sturdiness. For those who are starting out in video and are in need of some good sticks, or if you're working on that 4ft. slider project that needs two Tripods for support, this is looking like a good deal. If you've got questions about this particular item, you can contact DSLRMarketPlace at the vimeo page here: https://vimeo.com/16912877

DSLRMarketPlace purchased the exact item here:
find-price-button WF718 Fluid Drag Video Head + Heavy Duty Professional Video Tripod