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I've received a few questions about the RAW format of the BlackMagic Design Cinema Camera, so I thought i'd do a short video. The RAW setting of the BlackMagic Design Cinema Camera does not shoot video - it shoots RAW pictures. Each picture equals a single frame, so if you're shooting 24p then it will capture 24 individual RAW photos per second. If you're shooting at 30fps, it will capture 30 individual RAW photo per second.

Even though the DNG format is open source, not all DNG files are created equal. This is the reason why you can't import the BMCC DNG directly into Adobe Premiere or Final Cut Pro X (until they've found a way to support the BMCC DNG version). So if you're not ready for Davinci Resolve, or maybe your computer just can't handle Davinci, one solution for basic color grading / correcting the BMCC RAW files is by using Adobe Lightroom.

Adobe Lightroom can import all of the BMCC DNG files and take advantage of the full dynamic range. Once you've performed your basic color grades or color corrections, you can export the images to JPEG (or tiff). One thing I may not have mentioned in the video is that you would change the export settings to 1920 pixels for the long edge if you want to fit a 1080p HD video project.

The final step is to import your image sequence into an editor like Final Cut Pro X or Adobe Premiere, sync up the Audio file, and export to your favorite video format. The BlackMagic Design Cinema Camera will be available in Micro Four Thirds mount and is currently available for Canon EF Mount (both found here)

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