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Random post. This blog is sometimes used for me to keep tabs on the random things that run in my head. So while i'm out here in Maui on vacation i'm pretty sure i'll forget this little idea. Redrock Micro makes a cool handle that uses the hotshoe on top of the DSLR. For the Canon 5D Mark II & 7D, the hotshoe can be used with a handle, because the body is designed with a beefy magnesium frame. The cheap shoe mounts that I recently blogged about would make a great starting point for my new DIY top handle, and combined with the Double L bracket stabilizer Idea would make a complete lightweight solution that's easily broken down. It's so handy to have a top handle with your DSLR.

By the way, I've been using the Sima L brackets I received with my GoPro HD + Modified GoPro Underwater Housing by EyeOfMine together in the ocean. The Sima L bracket has nothing I can see that will be affected by the water, and I give it a decent rinse when i'm done. Definitely a great underwater stabilizer too. I've also been using the other one with my Canon SX210 IS, and it's like a match made in heaven. The Canon SX210 IS has built in optical stabilization and a crazy zoom. The extra handle off to the side gives me a more comfortable hold to take super steady video footage even in complete low light. I think i've used this Point and Shoot more than my other cameras on this trip, safe to say I overpacked.


The GoPro HD Camera is an awesome little camera that can be used in any situation possible. We've seen it on land, in near space, and underwater. The underwater footage though doesn't seem as sharp due to the curved lens on the water proof housing. This design provides many 'Pros', but the underwater focus is a definite 'Con'. EyeofMine Multimedia created a DIY solution (now for sale) to add a flat lens onto a GoPro waterproof housing. The results speak for themselves, and if you're a GoPro HD Camera owner you'll know where i'm coming from.

The Flat Lens fix from EyeofMine Multimedia is a bit DIY with some glue and isn't covered by GoPro warranty. The quality of the build, I can't tell unless I get to review one in person (hopefully they'll respond to my inquiries). On another note, i've also asked GoProCamera.com themselves about the focus issue (they're local in Half Moon Bay), and hopefully i'll get a response soon about whether or not they'll be offering a different housing or some other solution to correct the underwater focus issues.

Look GoPro, I know everyone loves your cameras. I'm sure there is no solution for a Housing that does it all both on Land, Space, and Sea. I can promise you this though. If you can put something out that solves the underwater focus issues, I'll be happy to mount 2 cameras on a single mount with different housings and that should solve the video footage I need in any situation. You can find prices for the awesome GoPro HD - Underwater, Land, and OuterSpace camera here.

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